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The release of any new Operating System comes with the demand for better and more efficient third party antivirus, which help to increase protection against all manner of malware, viruses and spyware.

This is how the launch of Windows 8.1 transpired. The demand for enhanced protection is justifiable considering that the number and potency of the modern viruses. Without such tools, protecting the business from attacks would be a near-impossible task.

If you work as an administrator, ensuring the safety of your clients is a major issue, especially if they use Windows 8.1 as their preferred OS. It would be good to recall that the modern user accesses sites and other vital information using a wide variety of gadgets. He accesses the sites and vital information anytime and from any place. In this regard, identifying the most effective protection for Windows 8.1 becomes a matter of life and death in many instances.

The effectiveness of the antivirus program should never end at the desktop level only. This is because the user needs a wholesome experience with all facets of the machine. Any tool that protects the desktop should not kill performance or convenience. The antivirus solution for a Windows-based machine should possess cloud-based services as well as cater for the needs of users with mobile devices.

In this regard, the Windows Defender by Microsoft is the best solution for Windows 8.1. With this new version of the Windows OS, which does not require the installation of third-party antivirus software, the PC will be assured of adequate protection to withstand all manner of attacks by viruses, spyware and malware. Moreover, the fact that Windows Defender is inbuilt means that you do not have to perform any installation, thus saving you time and money.

The main advantage of the pre-installed and inbuilt Windows Defender is that it is great at providing proper protection. The main tools that Microsoft uses to not only monitor but also manage Windows 8.1 are:

  • Windows Intune
  • SCCM (System Center 2012R2 Configuration Manager)

Virus protection and management is often a granular process. However, SCCM removes the granularity that is common in the process, thus making Windows Defender faster in providing the requisite protection. SCCM enables huge organizations to manage massive environments with little difficulty. With Windows Intune, organizations and individuals are assured the following cloud-based features and capabilities:

  1. MDM or Mobile Device Management
  2. MAM or Mobile Application Management
  3. PC Management

However, for all its advantages, a number of experts have a few concerns regarding Windows Defender. According to these experts, this antivirus solution for Windows 8.1 offers basic level protection. The main grouse the experts have with the software is that it does not provide adequate protection for browsing and emails, thus making the program the wrong choice for the workplace with a huge workstation of more than ten computers.

Therefore, what you should avoid doing is to try downloading or installing a third-party antivirus on your Windows 8.1 PC. The fact that you do not have to install a third-party program, which comes with several risks of its own, should be good news for individual users. With Windows Defender, you never have to worry about system compatibility since it is inbuilt software with the capacity of providing top-notch protection against viruses.