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Appealing to Teenagers

Tango is a multi platform mobile application that allows the users to call not just one person at a time, but fifty. It is a very popular IM app and has many interesting features, constituting a social networking app. This is because it not only allows you to send messages and make audio or video calls, but also to share photographs or videos. In addition, the app also lets the users play games and send music of their choice to their contacts. This is probably what makes it particularly appealing to teenagers and young adults.

Devices and Platforms

Tango can be downloaded on various devices and different platforms. You can use the app on iPhones or Android phones as well as Windows Phones. In addition, you can also use Tango on desktops and contact friends on any device that they are using.

Games and Music

This is the fun part of Tango and one that has attracted a lot of teenagers. While they are chatting with friends, they can play a game or share a piece of music from their favorite music service, like Spotify. They can also send photos, use cool filters to make the photos more attractive and send these during their chat.


If you use the default setting of the application, your profile is a public one. Tango comes with a feature for finding friends near you. The app makes use of the location services to locate other users near you. Yet, if you do not wish to be found by strangers, you can set your profile to another option, the Private option and this turns of the service and protects you.

Public Information

Even if you have set your profile to Private, some of the information continues to remain public, for instance, your pictures and username, so it is better not to share such information on the app.

Popular People

The app has a feature for finding popular profiles or people who are also using the application. You can filter and find men only or women only as well.

Free App With Optional Payment

The app is free to download, but if you wish, you can make some purchases that are optional. For example, you can buy an animation and send it to contacts when you are chatting or calling. In addition, the users are able to chat with the popular people on the Application by paying a specific amount. You can also use the Restrictions feature on the application, in order to disable such features that require payment.

Safety Measures

The application is not very suitable for those below 13 years of age. This is because it has features that allow strangers to find you. It is important that you don’t accept a message or a call from numbers that you don’t recognize. You should also not give out any person detail. You can use the app safely by applying the blocking features.

Bottom Line

Tango is a very popular app among teenagers and is available for various platforms. It also comes with a web service for Windows. All the regular features, such as instant messaging, audio and video calling, sending photos, sharing music and so on are present. However, you must exercise caution while using some of the features.