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Apple announced that iPhone 6S and 6S Plus sales would begin this Friday, September 25 and users can walk into any Apple retail store to get one of these amazing smartphones.

The company noted that both phones will simultaneously be available on all major carriers in the United States of America, among them Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile as well as Sprint. The phones can also be obtained from any authorized Apple reseller, be it in the U.S., Canada, China, Australia, the UK, among other parts of the world.

Those who wish to get the devices directly from Apple can also start making reservations as of September 26 via the official website of the company. The new iPhone 6S and its brother iPhone 6S Plus will also be available in Apple stores for walk-in customers.

iOS 9 has the fastest iOS adoption rate ever

When Apple was revealing the retail dates of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the company also noted that the newly launched iOS 9 is showing the fastest adoption rate of an Apple software release. As of now, there are already more than 50% of Apple devices using this operating system. However, the percentage only covers devices starting with iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

This news was revealed by the VP of Apple’s Worldwide Marketing, who noted that the company has never seen such huge adoption rate for a new software product in its entire history. This will come as good news to the company following recent statistics that showed iOS only manages about 15% of the total mobile market share in the world. It has also been noted that the response of potential customers to the new smartphone models is amazing, something that promises a lot as far as iPhone 6S and 6S Plus sales are concerned.

iOS 9 was installed on 12% of iOS devices in the first 24-hours of its release

Apple revealed that when the new iOS 9 was rolled out about a week ago, up to 12% of all iOS devices compatible with the OS had updated to this new platform. This means the OS is destined for great, and since the story is the same from then, more and more devices are expected to sell in different parts of the world when the sales commence on Friday.

One thing that is making people happy about updating to the new iOS 9 OS on their devices is the small amount of space the update requires. Unlike the 4.58GB that iOS 8 demanded in order to update, the new iOS 9 only asks for 1.3GB of storage space, which is less than a third of the previous OS’s requirements.

If your device is compatible with the new iOS 9, that is for those using at least iPhone 4S and iPad 2, the update is available for free. The new version will help solve your stability, bugs as well as battery issues.