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Enterprise Edition

Google does not seem to have given up on its smart eyewear, Google Glass, as the Google Glass 2 seems to be underway. It is not a rumor anymore, with Google having confirmed in January 2015 that the Explorer (original Google Glass) was closing down, and it was not being sold anymore since January. However, the story is not over for Google Glass.

Glass in the Workplace

As Google looks forward to the next phase of Google Glass, the Explorer Program is being closed, and you cannot get the edition after January 19th. It seems that September 2016 might be the date of release for the new Glass 2. Google had posted many job listings for the Glass sector, with the Project Aura attempting a new lease of life for Google Glass.

Price Rumors

There are no rumors about the price of Glass 2, but it seems that it will be cheaper than the previous $1500 of the Explorer. The Enterprise will also be very tricky to get, as it will only be available for Glass Work partners, at least initially.

Features and Specs

Texas Instruments is not longer responsible for the specs and features, and the new Glass 2 favors Intel for its chip provider. The battery life of the previous Google Glass Explorer was a bit of a problem, and with the Intel chip, this problem should not exist anymore. It is not yet clear as to what the chip used will be, but it is sure to address the power problem and aim at power conservation. Intel makes excellent chips.

New Design

It has also been reported that the design of the new Google Glass 2 will be different, with a button-hinge type of design that enables the glass to be snapped on to another glass. The hinge enables it being attached to various glasses. The new glassis aimed at business users, rather than others. The Enterprise will also be foldable and is more rugged in design and offers water resistance features, suitable for workplaces. The battery life is also stated to be better, and the performance will be enhanced, with the batteries that can attach with magnets to its headset. The performance improvement is due to a bigger prism, offering a full experience when viewing the interface. The prism is wider and thinner and is capable of moving both vertically and horizontally.

Good News

The good news is that it is more work oriented and is a combination of performance and accommodation of the working world demands.

Walking Wonder

Google Glass continues to remain out of reach, as it seems more like a futuristic curiosity, rather than a wearable computer. This is because of the cost. Whoever wears the Google Glass is surely a walking wonder and is sure to turn heads. The original Google Glass is very lightweight and feels very comfortable on the face. It only weighs 42 gms and since all the feature along with the screen is out of the sightline, you can even forget that you are wearing it, at times.

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