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Antivirus can be quite costly. Hence, many people prefer installing and using free antivirus software.

Before installing any free software, do plenty of research to determine its reliability. Failure to do this would mean exposing your machine to unimaginable risks. Failure to check the reliability and effectiveness of the free software could expose you to the risk of identity theft or loss of some confidential and highly sensitive information.

The quality of protection that the free antivirus provides also needs proper evaluation. Currently, some of the antivirus programs you can turn to for free version includes the following:

  • Avira
  • Avast
  • Comodo
  • PC Tools
  • Panda
  • Microsoft

What you must understand about the free antivirus programs is that they only offer you something for nothing. With the commercial or paid for versions, you are guaranteed everything for something. The paid security applications remain the best in offering excellent protection to the PC. However, if you are yet to make up your mind on the kind of software to invest in, installing the free version and trying it for a short time would be helpful.

It is also worth realizing that free versions do not offer you the chance to call any customer care service and ask for assistance in case anything goes wrong. At times, some malware might sneak past the best defenses or protection that you install on the PC. In such an instance, you would not have the luxury of calling the manufacturer for assistance. If you need support, the only option available would be to visit the online platforms or forums.

The good news is that some of these programs, such as Avast, offer users mail support for any question or concern they might have. Avast also allows users to submit online tickets for support. As for AVG, you have to call them via the appropriate telephone number, but at a fee, which is usually around $50 – a fee that appears steeper than what you would ordinarily have to pay for any of the best antivirus programs found in the market today.

Testing the trustworthiness or reliability of the free antivirus should also revolve around the frequency at which the manufacturer releases the latest updates. For paid products, you are assured of finding the updates all the time to ensure that the PC has the latest and most efficient protection against malware, spyware, and viruses. The lack of frequent or regular updates exposes your machine to the some bugs that have no difficulty in avoiding detection.

Finally, you also need to base the determination of the reliability of the free antivirus on the available scanning options. Unfortunately, the free antivirus programs will not offer you as many scanning options as you are likely to get with the paid versions. It is also worth mentioning that the free programs force some products that you never wanted into your machine. For these reasons, evaluate the reliability of the free antivirus software before installing any today.