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When the iPhone 6 Plus came into the market at this time last year, it created a huge buzz for being the first iPhone with a massive 5.5-inch display.

Now, though, the novelty may start to wane. It has been proven by the popularity of the smaller iPhone 6 when it comes to the sales figures. Apple, though, remains intent on improving the larger device. After several months of leaks and rumors, the iPhone 6S Plus has finally come into the market.


Even though the design does not incorporate major changes, Apple has tried to spice up the lineup by offering the new pink color option for the iPhone 6S Plus. The predecessor faced issues with bendgate, and Apple has indirectly acknowledged the existence of the problem by opting for much stronger aluminum in the construction of the new iPhone 6S Plus.This is likely to mean that the device will be significantly stronger despite being only 7.3 mm thick.


The eight-megapixel camera used in some generations of iPhone has finally gone, and it is now replaced by a brand-new 12-megapixel shooter. Apart from the improvement in megapixel count, it comes with new features like 4K video recording and optical stabilization that is far better than before. The former will be of greater importance to the brand as a whole since it has not been available in iPhones up until now. Surprisingly, competitors have started providing 4K video recording as the standard for some time.


The issue with such high detail within videos is that it also takes up a lot of space, which is no longer at a premium on the iPhone 6S Plus. Just as with the predecessor, the maximum memory on the iPhone 6S Plus will not be greater than 128 GB. This might be woefully inadequate for those with a requirement to shoot longer 4K videos. The lack of memory card support acts as a double whammy in this respect. However, Apple has provided enough connectivity options – in their fastest possible versions – so that it becomes easy to transfer large amounts of data to other devices.


Apple claims to have made huge improvements in its processing speed through the introduction of the A9 processor. This is a dual-core 2 GHz processor while the iPhone 6S Plus is set to benefit immensely from improved graphics processing speeds. Even though the new device will get the iOS 9 along with its impressive new features, the iPhone 6S Plus misses out on the multi-window feature that will be seen by the likes of the iPad Air 2 and above. The iPhone 6S Plus comes with a 2915 mAh battery that is likely to benefit from the battery saving features of the new operating system. The prices of the new device will start at $749 for the base version with 16 GB of storage. Unlike in the past, prices have remained the same.