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Day in and day out, there are so many different smartphones that are being developed with other rumored release dates being made known to the world.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the new baby on the Samsung table. Although it may still have many months to be released and made available for sale on the market, there is quite some stuff to know about this new device, with Galaxy Note 5 now enjoying maximum popularity and having much fun with the high sales records worldwide.

Some Rumored Specs of Samsung Galaxy S7

There have been rumors suggesting that, the Snapdragon 820 version has been sent to Samsung to be tested in the S7 and after these rumors, there are some prototypes that have appeared on some Chinese websites. Also, recently, there have been some new results showing that the S7 might come designed with two variants: one with the LTE version and 4 GB of RAM and the other with 3 GB of RAM. However, both the devices have been developed under the code name ‘Project Lucky’.

Recently, Samsung launched its very first DRAM chip and this chip has been designed to make it possible for Smartphones to run 6 gigabytes of RAM. This new chip has been reported to run 30% faster and also take in 20% less power than the previous LPDDR4 modules by Samsung. So, if this chip makes an appearance on the S7, then the world should be prepared for a new record being set by S7 as the fastest Smartphone in the world.

The Galaxy Note 5 was introduced to the market with a QHD display. However, the Xperia Z5 has taken over the world of 4K screen technology. So, it will not be a surprise if the S7 also has one. Also, it is being said that Samsung is developing an option to Corning’s Gorilla Glass screen safety or protection with the Turtle Glass. If it turns out to be the truth, it will like be seen on the S7 and there is no doubt that new flagships from Samsung will be launched, running on the Android Marshmallow.

Release Date of Samsung S7

Although the release date has been kept very well, there are some rumors and some comparisons that can make things clear. The Galaxy S6 was launched in 2015 at MWC and Galaxy S5 in 2014 at MWC. This means, the S7 will be released to match with MWC 2016 which will be between the 22nd to 25th February, 2016. However, its availability on the net will be around 5 weeks or more after it is launched.

The Price of Samsung Galaxy S7

The price of the S7 will be quite high if the price of the S6 should be used to match it. If the 4K screen is used, then the price might be quite high. However, if the 4K screen doesn’t come then it might not be so costlier than the S6. The price range, however, should be within $650 – $700.