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Skype is the leading voice and video calling application across the globe.

Even though the numbers at this Microsoft-owned application may not be shouting as those at Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Rakuten-owned Viber, Skype remains a top app as far as quality voice and video calling are concerned.

According to recent stats, Skype has over 700 million users, but only half of them are active users of the application. In fact, the application’s users have remained largely in the corporate world, with personal communications beings dominated by apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber, just to mention but a few.

Ever since Windows 10 was announced, Microsoft has been working day and night to improve the services being rendered through this application. Skype for Business app has been on the receiving end of the many of the latest updates, but it seems the efforts of the company to shape the entire Skype app are being pulled backwards.

Skype working on fixing glitch preventing users from making calls

In a recent revelation, Microsoft said that it had identified a bug in the latest version of Skype that prevented the millions who use this app for making calls, be it a voice or video call. The good news is that the company is already working on fixes for this issue, but the bad news is that the fix is not yet out.

On Monday, Skype revealed that some users were unable to make calls since their settings showed that both the caller and recipient are offline. This is still the same case even if one is logged in. Furthermore, the issue has resulted in the inability of the application to deliver some group messages. If you are not already signed into the app, Microsoft notes that you might have problems when trying to access your account.

New Skype bug has no effect on Skype for Business

If you are a user of Skype for Business, there is nothing to worry about as the company has noted that the glitch only affects users of the Skype app and not those using Skype for Business.

In addition to the fact that users won’t be able to make calls, those using the premium version may have some delays in seeing changes effected in their accounts, for instance, acredit balance. Those on Skype Community may also experience some issues when loading web pages, but just as the company said solutions to all these are being worked out, and an update with fixes will be out soon.