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Skype is a wonderful instant messaging app.

However, like other devices it also suffers from some basic issues such as outage or unnecessary bugs. Here, we will discuss the common issues of Skype for Android and suggest solutions to fix them.

Skype problems for Android

  1. The sound quality is horrible while holding the phone near to ear

This is a common problem with the proximity sensor. Skype support suggests leaving the call screen because the proximity sensor works only when the screen is in focus or using 3G instead of Wi-Fi for voice calls. Alternatively, it uses a plug-in headset.

  1. Not sufficient place for installation

This happens mainly because Android does not always clean up files after installation. Under this circumstance, only rebooting or retrying the installation might help and if it does not work, set a factory reset.

  1. No access to open more than one Skype account

If you are facing this problem with Skype, then you will be happy to know that Skype will let you do this. You just need to go to the app settings and click on the box for automatic log in. Next time, when you will open the app, you can sign in with whatever account you want to use.

  1. No notifications

Have you ever turned off the notification alert or click on unchecked new instant messages in Skype settings? You must check your device’s settings too to solve this issue.

  1. Rubbish call quality

Whether it is video or voice, Skype support recommends users that they should connect the device to a strong Wi-Fi connection while making calls on Skype and close other apps that you don’t need. The more apps on your device accessing the data connection, the poorer voice quality you are likely to experience on Skype.

  1. A common problem ‘you cannot sign in at this ‘

This problem has been faced by most Skype users. To fix this issue, you must check whether you are using the old version of Skype or not. The above-quoted message pops up when you attempted to connect to a version of the app that Skype does not support anymore. If you are using the latest version of it, it is a better idea to uninstall this app, restart your device and then against reinstall Skype.

  1. Video calls eat up all data connection

In the Skype app, go to the menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on settings. Click on voice and video calls and then tap on video quality. If you are making video calls at its best quality, then it will consume lots of data for every call. Set the video call quality lower and it will consume fewer internet data.

  1. No access to set personalizes ringtones

Previously, it is known to everyone Skype does not support personalize ringtones. However, this issue has been fixed in the latest version of Skype and now users can set personalize ringtones for each contact person in Skype.

  1. App Scrolls for no reason

Some users in group conversations have found that whenever they open the conversation, the app starts scrolling down automatically for no reason. It is an update issue. Skype downloads the full thread and therefore, the crazy scrolling occurs when it is still updating. Connect the app to a trusted Wi-Fi connection and update it for an hour to solve the issue.

  1. Cannot connect Skype with Facebook

If you have created an Skype account with Facebook information from your PC or iOS devices, you must be wondering where the option of login with Facebook while opening the app from the Android device. The main reason behind this is that Skype does not feature this option. You can log in through Skype account or Microsoft account. To resolve this issue, you need to unlink your Facebook account from Skype, create a separate Skype account and then link it with your Facebook account. Once you do this, you be able to connect with friends in Facebook or add them to your Skype contact list.