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Roku is considered the company who created the most appreciated and popular media streamers, which compete against Amazon and Apple’s devices. A new successor will come soon, although we’ve heard only rumors about the existence of the Roku 4. Meanwhile, Amazon released the Fire TV 2015 edition which supports the voice assistant Alexa and 4K Ultra HD video streaming.

Roku 4

The next set top box is expected to be unveiled on October 1, because streaming company CinemaNow has published a customer service page live about a promotion that will offer four free HD movie rentals to the ones who will purchase the Roku 4. Also, they specified that the promotion will end on April 30, next year, which means that we should get prepared to welcome the Roku 4 into our lives.

The device is expected to benefit from hardware improvements, Ultra HD support and 4K streaming, and this information comes from Roku enthusiast site UK Roku Channels, which spotted a 4K showcase channel on Twitter (later, it was removed).

The good news is that Roku already announced at the CES 2015 event that the company will add support for 4K Ultra HD streaming on its next Roku TV models. We don’t have any information regarding the internal parts, but we’re guessing that the successor will be way more powerful, in order to be able to support UHD streaming content.

Amazon Fire TV 2015

The new streamer costs $100 and it’s 75 percent faster than its predecessor. Amazon improved its Wi-Fi connectivity and added the new voice assistant Alexa, which will take voice controls to a new level. The new Fire TV offers over 3000 channels, applications and games, it supports 4K Ultra HD video streaming and it allows you to extend the internal memory up to 128GB, with a microSD card. Amazon specified that this streamer will be released on October 5 and will be paired with a Fire TV Game Controller, which will cost $50. The users will be able to play games such as Minecraft Story Mode, Pac Man 256, Disney’s Ducktales and Shovel Knight etc.