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Amazon and Apple better watch out because one more player has joined the game, this is Roku 4. Besides an upcoming fall revision, there might also be a new Roku player coming into view.

CinemaNow rolled out by mistake a live customer service page in which a promotion has been presented. The latter offer included 4 free HD film rentals if you purchased the Roku 4. This offer apparently targets “warehouse club retailers” and it will start on October the 1st and it will be available up until April the 30th of next year. So, this can only mean one thing:  Roku 4 will roll out in the upcoming week.

Now Roku has decided to change things up a bit and offer brand new hardware on the day of the big unveiling when it comes to former launches. This strategy that is not applied by Apple or Amazon. With the latter, clients were compelled to place a preorder regarding the revisions of the set-top boxes.

What is also exciting is the fact that 4K streaming might finally roll out to Roku 4. A leaked 4K channel was seen by UK Roku Channels, however after it was posted on Twitter, the page was removed. But regardless of the existing “proof” or not, Roku stated publicly at CES 2015 that the 4K Ultra HD support will happen. So, Apple and Amazon better watch out because Roku is bringing in the big guns.

Ultra HD content is currently being streamed by companies like Amazon and Netflix. In other news, the UHD Blu-ray players might just hit the shelves before the Christmas holiday.

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