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Next month, Microsoft will release the fourth generation Surface Pro convertible tablet, but until now, we haven’t heard any official statement regarding its specs, only rumors and assumptions which suggest that the manufacturer has focused on improving the gaming experience by equipping the Surface Pro 4 with a more powerful GPU. One of the biggest “threats” is the IdeaPad Miix 700, created by Lenovo, which was released one month ago.

Surface Pro 4

Digital Trends and Convertible Tablet Review are two of the tech websites which started making speculations about the tablet’s specs and features. As much as everyone would love to see a dedicated GPU, the changes are minuscule for Microsoft to fulfill their dream, because this technology costs a lot of money and would affect the price of the upcoming Surface Pro 4. Most likely, Microsoft will use the new Intel HD 530, which will make a great team with the fourth gen Skylake configurations.

According to a recent benchmark, the Intel HD 530 offered double the graphics performance of the HD 440 from the Surface Pro 3. When playing a game such as World Of Warcraft with a 1080p resolution, the 530 scored a 43, while the Surface Pro 3 graphics scored only 19.

Rumors say that the Surface Pro 4 will be available in two screen sizes: the smaller version will sport a 12-inch screen, while the bigger version will have a 14-inch screen. In order to not make the body too large, it is said that Microsoft decreased bezel real estate, so that the 14-inch screen would have enough space to be integrated.

More details about the Surface Pro 4, which will run on Windows 10, we’ll hear on October 6, when the company will hold an important event. With this occasion, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones will be released, as well, but we’re more interested in the new tablet, which will get an overhaul, according to the “Microsoft Surface” keyword which was slipped on Microsoft’s promotional page.

Lenovo Miix 700

It will be available starting from November and it will cost $699. The tablet has a slim, detachable keyboard cover, a thickness of almost 9mm, it’s 292mm wide and it weights 780 grams. The keyboard has faux leather on its back, and a silver-colored dual watchband hinge, it’s very sturdy and resistant to minor drops and bumps. The screen measures 12-inch and supports 2,160 x 1,440 pixels resolution (Full HD+), being very bright and the images are not compromised because of the external light.

The tablet is powered by the sixth-generation Intel Core M series of processors, which don’t have a fan, and it’s available in three options: M3 (2.2GHz with Turbo Boost, beating the fifth-generation Broadwell Core i3 processor from the Surface Pro 3, which runs at 1.5GHz), 5 and 7.

The list of supported ports includes USB 3.0, 2.0, Micro HDMI-out, Micro Sim and microSD slot, while the maximum internal memory capacity is 256GB (SSD).

The battery can last up to 9 hours, under normal usage and for a better experience you can use the stylus, which tucks into one of the ports.

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