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Microsoft Office 2016 is finally rolling out to users of Windows 7 and above. This follows the recent launch of Windows 10, which has seen more than 75,000 devices already upgraded to this new platform.

The roll out process begun this Tuesday as Microsoft Corporation seems to be looking for ways to better the cloud-based subscription service delivered through Office 365. Just like any other new application would be expected, the new Microsoft Office 2016 brings a bunch of new features, services as well as apps to the Windows platform.

What’s new in MS Office 2016 for Windows?

Microsoft revealed that the new Office 2016 will bring a bunch of new aspects to the Windows users, among them new versions of desktop applications, among them MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel as well as Access. This new application is also the best as far as collaboration at work is concerned, Microsoft reveals.

In essence, the Chief Executive of Microsoft reckons that the new Office 2016 is actually a transformation of accustomed sets of distinct productivity apps into connected sets of apps that are designed for use in the modern working environment. The sole purpose of this improvement is to enhance collaboration and teamwork in the workplace.

Microsoft Office 2016 is available in 40 languages

As noted earlier, Microsoft rolled out a new operating system in the shape of Windows 10 more than a month ago. A lot of success is expected to come from the launch of this OS, contrary to what the company experienced with Windows 8.

The selling point of the new OS is the fact that it has been designed in a manner that it works across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones seamlessly. This a move by the company to try and regain its lost ground with respect to tablet and smartphone sales, an area it has done so poorly.

In a bid to also make sure that more and more people access and use its services regardless of their backgrounds, Microsoft has rolled out the new Office 2016 apps in 40 different languages. However, you will have to install at least Windows 7 on your system if you want to enjoy what the company has just rolled out.

All subscribers of Office 365 are free to download the latest Microsoft Office 2016 apps right away, which will be included as part of their subscription to the service.

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