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iPhone 6S sales will kick off in other parts of the world starting this Friday, with the company keeping its hopes high that the sales of this device will maintain, especially in countries such as China.

In the recent past, China has been identified as a major market for Cupertino’s products. In fact, the country came in second behind the U.S. when it comes to Apple revenue sources. It is why the company is still expecting more sales from this country.

One problem that might be standing right in the path of Apple is Xiaomi Mi 4C. This gizmo was released this Tuesday and for sure, just like any other Chinese model, it’s quite affordable. However, the phone will not be coming to other markets as of now since the revealed version is only meant for the Chinese market.What a Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is trying to do is to stifle the competition that is coming from Apple in its main country.

Xiaomi Mi 4C is an improved version of Xiaomi Mi 4I

According to statistics revealed earlier this year, Xiaomi was ranked as the fourth largest smartphone OEM maker around the globe. This shows you just how powerful this company can be, especially in its backyard.

It has been noted that the new Xiaomi Mi 4C is only but a step up to the current Xiaomi Mi 4I, which is currently available in India alone. However, the new Mi 4C will not be coming to India; instead, it will be staying in China to compete with the new iPhone 6S, at least for now.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi 4C

The new Xiaomi Mi 4C will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset, which is the same chip that LG chose for its G4 flagship. This phone, just like many current high-end smartphones, will come with support for Type-C USB.

Other specifications of Xiaomi Mi 4C include a 5-inch full HD display screen with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels. There are two variants that are separated by their internal storage space, where you will get a 16GB variant or a 32GB variant. However, both variants have a RAM of 3GB and a battery unit of 3,080 mAh.

The phone will also include Quick Charge 2.0 technology from Qualcomm, a rear camera of 13MP with support for phase detection autofocus. This is the same technology that Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 smartphones used to allow for faster autofocusing on objects. There are five different color variants available for choice – yellow, white, pink, blue and grey.

Price of Xiaomi Mi 4C

As noted earlier, the new Xiaomi Mi 4C is just another of the many mid and low-end smartphones that come from China. To get the 16GB variant, one only needs around $205 whereas the 32GB variant starts at about $235. Just for comparison purposes, the 16GB variant of the iPhone 6S will sell at $830.

The new Mi 4C will be available to the public as from September 23, just a day before Apple launches iPhone 6S in the same country.