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Of late, there are over 8 million apps available in both Android and iOS app store.

It is difficult to standout in the crowd to make an effective presence in the app market. To getthe  maximum downloads and build an effective, loyal user base, you must follow a marketing strategy that will promote your apps. Here, we are going to discuss five ways to market your apps. Let’s have a look at them.

  • TV advertising

This is one of the most effective ways of marketing your apps. Many companies, both small and large have taken this approach. As for example, Amazon has made a commercial for promoting their Amazon shopping app for mobiles which lets users to scan barcodes and take pictures of the products so that one can find them easily in the Amazon store.

Why is this marketing approach so effective? On the basis of the research of Nielsen, it has been proved that 40 percent of people use their smartphones and tablets while watching commercials or movies on TV and therefore, only a TV advertisement can promote an app targeting users at the best time.

However, this approach may prove a bit costly and therefore, it is only availed by the brands only. If your company is a start-up and doesn’t have a big budget like Amazon, there are plenty of ways available to promote your apps out there.

  • Social media advertising

Social media advertising is the current trend in the market that is followed by most of the industries. Therefore, there is no surprise that it is an effective marketing way for mobile apps. For example, a health blog that has lots of informative content includes training and health tips for runners, information about the fitness app as well as the success stories from its users. The health blogger is also very active on Twitter. It forms its community and tweet on various things. The blogger is quite conversational on Twitter and uses it actively for getting socialized with people rather than using it for one-one communication. For example, his/her tweet receives thousands of replies and retweets that ultimately turned into a conversation with each follower.

  • Promote your mobile site

If you are not doing this now, then start it today. Many organizations such as Yelp direct users to its mobile app whenever the website is opened. They mainly perform this task by adding a banner to the mobile site that shows advertisement for the app and features a button for downloading the app. It is truly essential in today’s market to direct users to the mobile app rather than remaining on the mobile website. Moreover, App use is a single way through which you can retrieve information about the users and therefore, you can conduct effective marketing to reach out to targeted customers.

  • Present your app on the app day

Has your app ever featured as App of the day? The latest services of the apps have been showcased directly on user smartphones. These types of showcase may create a lot of buzz for apps as it comes in front of a large number of people. Moreover, it also helps in building loyal fan support since the mobile users only trust these services and expect to get the most from the app world.

  • Create a positive app buzz

Getting a good rating may create a lot of positive impacts. However, you must launch an app on which people give agood rating. You can advertise your app in various ways you want, however if you fail to provide the real mobile experience to users, all your labors will go in vein. Therefore, it is important that you make a data-driven marketing decision while promoting your app in the market. Some app-specific marketing gear like localities strategically helps you to craft the app buzz the way you want and make it popular among users.