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The market for Android is expanding with each day, and the platform is flooded with thousands of apps to provide a better experience to users.

The number of Android apps has increased from hundreds to thousands, and therefore, it passed the halfway mark and soon it will reach to a million. However, not all of them are favored by users when it comes to serving people’s requirements.

For each and every category, users will get thousands of options to choose. Here, we are going to represent five most popular Android apps falling into various categories such as communication, backup, browser, tools, entertainment and many more. Let’s have a look at these apps.

  • AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is a free antivirus app for Android phones. It is completely free and gives you lots of features that secure your Android phone from viruses, threat, and malware practices. By activating find and locate an option, you can secure your phone from theft. It also helps you to connect to Google Maps and. Therefore, you can easily share your location with friends. Some other features are also included in it such as closing running apps to free up memory, wipe data and finger lock to secure your phone’s privacy and schedule scans.

  • Go back up

Go Backup is a very useful all-in-one app that caters to the various requirements of users. It can back up your phone contacts, messages, call log and various other applications installed on your phone memory or SD card. You can restore your phone data as back up and select what you want to reinstate manually.

  • Opera Mini

Opera Mini is said to be one of the fastest and widely popular browsing app for Android phones. It’s got a simple and user-friendly interface that gives you both desktop view and phone view. This app is very useful as it gives you the option to save data bandwidth using its unique compression technology. Like Google and Firefox browsing app, it has tab functionality that help you to open multiple tabs at the same time.

  • ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox is a very popular and must have an Android app. It gives thousands of options to pinch your device. You can even use this app for personalizing your device such as you can change the system font, download boot animation, and personalized themes. In terms of performance of your device, you can increase the functioning of your phone’s CPU by two times and also boost SD card functioning as well as effectively manage memories.

Some other options are also provided with this app such as downloading and installing ROM, ROM’s backup, wiping cache or data. You can also manage your phone apps by using app manager and browse system files using ROM toolbox or ROOT browser.

  • Google Reader

Google Reader allows you to read and feed news under one roof which means you can read all the latest news and posts from popular blogs out there by adding RSS feeds to Google Reader. It syncs the feeds so that you can read them on other devices as well.

  • Go Launcher

Go Launcher is said to be one of the advanced launchers for Android phones giving you thousands of in-depth options to customize your device. There are thousands of free and paid themes, plugins, and widgets available in this app.

  • Music Paradise

With Music Paradise, you can download free music right onto your Android device. All you need to do is to search for the music album and click on the download option. Your favorite song or music album will be downloaded automatically.

In this app, there is an inbuilt music player that lets you listen to your downloaded music album right from your device. You can listen to songs while downloading other songs on the same interface.

These are the seven most popular and must have android apps that cater to the various customer needs.

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