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WhatsApp has been lauded as one of the most convenient messaging apps and one of the best mobile applications for all time.

It has remained many people’s favorites, having more than a million downloads on Google play. It has several exclusive features and is one of the easiest to use web messaging apps. Hot on the heels of WhatsApp is the modified version, WhatsApp Plus, credited to the Spanish developer Rafalete in 2012. Just like WhatsApp, it is free and has a similar user license. But what exactly are the differences between the original and the modified version?

The most basic and apparent of differences is in the name and icon. Also called WhatsApp plus holo, the modified version comes with a blue icon while WhatsApp comes in its signature green. From the beginning, there have been doubts about its legality. One thing is for sure, though, it offers many different options that the original WhatsApp does not.

On opening the app, one thing users will notice the complete overhaul of the visual effects. WhatsApp offers new visual displays, themes and styles, all of which one can access instantly once they install the app. WhatsApp plus offers up to 700 themes, which can be sorted by the name, version, downloads, and date. The themes change everything, from the background to the text colors. The original version does not have a similar feature.

On the emoticons front, although WhatsApp has many of its own, WhatsAppPlus can boast a wider array of emoticons. WhatsAppPlus offers emoticon lovers numerous options, including some of the smileys from Google hangouts. However, only users who have WhatsApp plus on their smartphones will be able to see these emoticons. Although it does not have as many options, WhatsApp recently introduced the option of choosing the shade of emoticons to use.

WhatsApp has not been left behind, and has taken some steps in a bid to fight back against the potential domination for instance, in the beginning, WhatsApp plus offered users the option of hiding their previous time of access, and being able to disguise their online access.WhatsApp soon added his feature to their privacy settings, allowing users to choose who saw their last seen status.

WhatsAppPlus also offers the ability to edit options when sharing files. It can allow for the file size limit to be changed from between 2 to 50 MB, with additional options for maintaining the size and quality of the videos or the photos as they were taken. WhatsApp plus seems to have options for editing everything. Users can change the size and appearances of pop-up notifications, the size and color of widgets, the sizes of contact images and even the color of the launch icon, with a wide range of color options available; blue, green, pink, gray, red, cyan and the customized PLUS icon.

Even though it seems to have additional features, many of them only work if the people on one’s contact list also have WhatsAppPlus. The issueoflegality and the continued development of the app are also a constant worry for lovers of WhatsApp plus.