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T-Mobile is a top US mobile carrier that has been striving to position itself as the country’s leader of product and service innovation.

The company is good at redefining the way businesses and individuals consume wireless services in the country thanks to its advanced 4G LTE network that delivers unmatched experiences.

When Apple rolled out the latest iPhone 6 earlier this month, it announced that it had plans to allow a new leasing program or rather financing the access of this phone. Following this announcement, one of the leading provider of wireless services in the country, T-Mobile, has already jumped onto this opportunity.

Trade in your old iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 for a new iPhone 6S

This week, T-Mobile boss, John Legere took to social media to reveal that the company will be taking advantage of the leasing process of Apple to lure more users into buying the new phone. In his statement, Legere pointed out that T-Mobile users with iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 models can get a new iPhone 6S at any time they want until stated otherwise by the carrier.

If you feel like getting a new iPhone 6S, you only need between $5 and $15 per month, in addition to your old phone. The price charged for the phone per month will depend on the model that you trade in for a new phone. The upgrade program is known as T-Mobile JUMP! On Demand. As of now, there is no other U.S. carrier offering such offers.

Earlier this week, it was also reported that Samsung is taking the same direction as Apple as it plans to implement a leasing program for its Galaxy handsets. It seems things will soon be changing in the mobile industry, especially in the way mobile carriers have usually carried on with their business models.

iPhone 6S sales on T-Mobile to start this Friday

During the announcement, Legere confirmed that anyone who wants to trade in their old iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 for a new iPhone 6S can do so starting this Friday. This will only add to the news that Apple revealed this week that iOS 9, which is installed on iPhone 6S, is the fastest when it comes to adoption rates.