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Gmail users can now block any annoying stuff from appearing in their inbox thanks to an update that brings a new block function to this email client.

If you receive emails from people or organizations, you don’t like; you can now use this new feature to block any future attempts by these entities to send you emails. In addition to blocking, Google has also included an unsubscribe option in the latest update.

Be in control of your Gmail inbox

According to Google product manager Sri Somanchi, the new update will let users take total control of their Gmail inbox. The block function went live as from Tuesday this week, and all users of the web application will be able to use the new feature. When enabled, messages coming from blocked emails will be directed to the spam folder.

If anything, this is just another email filter that Google has added to Gmail. Not that they did not exist before, but the new version makes things extremely easier for you. In the past the process was quite longer where users had first to add new filters via the Gmail settings filters’ tab before opening an email from this person then selecting “Block Sender” from the drop down menu. Unblocking a user is done by heading to “Settings>Filters and Blocklist>Unblock” and then save changes.

Unsubscribe option coming to Gmail for Android

In addition to the new way of blocking annoying stuff on the updated Gmail application, users of Android devices will be glad to hear that things will now be much easier when it comes to unsubscribing from redundant newsletters and promotional emails. There is no doubt that this is a great addition to users, given that in most cases, they subscribe to these newsletters only for a specific purpose, but later on these emails keep coming in.

To use the new unsubscribe option in Gmail for Android devices, users will have to, first of all, open a mail and then tap on “More” from the top right corner of the open window. On the options that come up, tap “Unsubscribe” and that’s it. No hassles! As noted, the feature will be availed to Android users first before it comes to other mobile platforms, among them iOS and Windows Phone.

Google has worked hard on ensuring that users only receive the most important emails in their inbox – an effort that aimed at delivering better user experience. This has led to categorization of emails in a bid to sort them relevantly and now that the search giant has introduced a bunch of new features I the shape of block and unsubscribed options, it won’t be long before Gmail users end up with inbox zero.