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It is an undeniable fact that the Android market is highly saturated with budget device offerings.

However, if someone is looking for buying a premium mobile, he or she can opt for Android device as Samsung has come up with its new Galaxy S Tab which gives a tough competition to iPhone S6 and iPhone 6. The features and configuration of this device have created a revolution in the Android market. The compact look of this tablet gives it a sleek and thin look like that of Nexus 9 and Apple’s popular iPad Mini 3.

Let’s check out the attractive features of Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

  • The display screen: The main technology behind Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a super AMOLED display instead of traditional LCD technology. The makers of Samsung claim that this technology provides clearer picture quality. The device does not contain any separate backlight that provides it a much thinner and sleeker look. Furthermore, it requires much less power than other devices. With the advanced technology, Samsung offers a better screen, a wider spectrum colors as well as excellent outdoor visibility, hard to find on any other device such as iPhone, Nexus 6, etc. The AMOLED technology in the device is so powerful that it can analyze what is on the screen and its surrounding environment and adjust the pictures accordingly. With its limited number of features, it still works on all types of apps and devices. The technology runs great on Samsung Galaxy Tab S.
  • Performance: Samsung Galaxy Tab S runs smooth and lags free like a brand new device while playing games or running heavy apps. Some of the heavy and powerful apps like Leo’s Fortune or call on duty run smoothly on this tab, while the same thing cannot be said for GTA since users have found several glitches.
  • Camera quality: The new Samsung Galaxy S Tab has come with an outstanding resolution of 8-megapixel. Users can get HD quality video, and the device comes with different shooting modes such as portrait, panorama view, dual camera feature, burst mode, etc. The pictures turn out good on this device. An 8-megapixel camera is extremely good for a tablet and since the device is the light weight you can hold the phone easily while taking pictures.
  • Battery backup: The battery backup of this device is excellent. In the testing process, the device provides 10 hours of constant battery backup when running the device on Wi-Fi or playing highly loaded graphics games on it. The device offers more than five hours of standby time during which you can browse through various social media sites such Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Design and built-in quality: The design and built-in quality of the tablet follow the same structure as Samsung’s other Android devices. However, you will find a little exception to it such as missing leather backing. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S has been designed with perforated polycarbonate material covered with a gold frame, which gives this device an elegant look. The display screen of it has also been extended from the typical 10.1 format to 10. 5 inches. However, the tablet is the thinnest at just 6.6 mm thick and super light weighing 470 grams. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S Tab has been flawlessly crafted that gives it an impressive value.