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New Gmail features are ready to be put to the test as users can block a certain email address with a mere click. This is available for the Gmail Web version, but expect it to be up for grabs in the Android app in the following week.

Block & Unsubscribe options have been disclosed

Google offered support right from the start for various Gmail filters. Currently, Gmail has rolled out a functionality that permits you to use a simple knob and block an email address. With the block sender option, the latter’s email address will be added into a block list. This gives Gmail the heads up to “never show messages from this person again”. Each time you receive an email from that person, it will go straight to spam.

The Gmail app feature will permit you to hit the unsubscribe button from mailing lists. This option is found in the menu and with a simple click, Google will make your life easier. This feature is already out and about in Gmail( Web version) and it will soon hit Android app. This is the perfect functionality to use whenever you feel like unsubscribing to irritating newsletters that don’t interest you any longer. Plus, it makes it easier to organize your inbox.

These are two great and useful features that will help you clear all of your undesired emails. This way, your Gmail inbox won’t be filled with long and uninteresting emails.

Gmail is a free email service that has been implemented by the Google titan. Gmail can be accessed as a webmail and users can be sure that their data is under a safe lock. This is a very renowned service and back in May 2014, 1 billion installations on Android gizmos revealed just how popular Gmail was and still is up to present day.