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Apple launched a new wave of products and services at an event earlier this month and among the many amazing products to see thefirst light during this event was the Apple WatchOS 2.

WatchOS 2 is the second version of the new WatchOS, which was first released when the Apple Watch came out last year. The first iteration, the new OS has come in with a bunch of improvements to the already amazing wristwatch that Cupertino is built.

One of the most notable additions that WatchOS 2 comes in with is the ability to download, install and run apps directly from the watch’s small interface. In the previous version, users had no choice but to involve the iPhone when using these apps on the watch. Facebook Messenger is one of the first apps to make this step and for sure, it will be interesting to see how other players start positioning themselves with respect to this update.

Apple delayed release of WatchOS 2 deliberately

During the September 9 Apple event, it was announced that the new WatchOS 2 will be out by September 15. However, this launch date did not materialize thanks to the fact that Apple stopped it from happening.

According to sources from inside the company, there was a bug in the OS that prevented Apple from rolling out the update as expected. However, now that the problem has been taken care of, the new WatchOS 2 is now ready and available for download.

The new update, as noted earlier, will allow third-party apps to work directly with the watch. This is in itself is a huge achievement for Cupertino as it will pave the way for better experiences to be incorporated to the watch by third party developers. It will eliminate the need of beaming apps from a paired iPhone just to use them on the Apple Watch. This also means that functions will now be much faster and more capable since they happen directly from the watch and not through the phone.

In the latest WatchOS 2, expect to come across new Complications, improved Siri and Maps, custom watch faces as well as enhancements in the Digital Touch feature.

The upgrade to the new WatchOS 2 is available to all users of the Apple Watch, and they can download it directly from the iTunes App Store.