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It is interesting that the complete removal of antivirus from the computer always seems to be a huge problem for many people.

Installing antivirus has an impact on the registry as well. For that reason, removing the antivirus means opening the registry and getting rid of any files that they software left behind. Before proceeding to remove the antivirus that you installed on the laptop or desktop, it would be good to know the limitations and such software, which include:

  • The programs are not exempt from bugs since they are software
  • Must be capable of processing multiple formats as well as file types
  • Executable decompression and data decompression
  • Speed at which viruses mutate

The complete removal of antivirus requires plenty of knowledge regarding what to do. The process also takes quite a bit of time, hence the reason for exercising plenty of patience. It is because of the difficulty in removing any antivirus software completely from the Windows-based machine that most manufacturers of these types of programs have come up with specialized tools to do the work.

If you prefer using any specialized tool to remove the antivirus, obtain it only from reliable vendors. The security of your machine could be in great jeopardy if you proceed to use tools from untrustworthy sources. Such tools could give hackers the opportunity to gain access to some vital information on the computer or laptop without your permission. This is just one way in which identity theft has thrived in the recent years.

Removing one antivirus program from the machine is much easier than the process that you would follow to get rid of several of them. In fact, your machine should never feature more than one antivirus program at any given moment. However, in the event that you must install more than a single program, avoid running them concurrently. Depending on the antivirus that you initially installed, choose the right tool for removing it.

The following process is what you must follow to remove the antivirus program completely from your Windows desktop or laptop:

  1. Start – Run – type appwiz.cpl – Enter if your machine is on Windows XP
  2. Start – type appwiz.cpl in the search box – Enter if your machine is on Windows Vista
  3. Start – type appwiz.cpl in the box marked search programs and files – enter if your machine is on Windows 7
  4. Once the list of all installed programs appears, uninstall all the Internet security programs that you see

Never forget to start the machine after the complete uninstalling of the antivirus. Despite following the procedures above, what you must remember is that it is difficult to uninstall or remove some Internet security programs completely. In such an instance, you would have to not only download but also run the appropriate cleanup utility for the software you wish to remove.

Therefore, the good news is that it is possible to remove the antivirus from your Windows PC completely without making the machine vulnerable to malware and spyware attacks. What you must remember to do is to install a much better program. However, after removing the antivirus, do not open any untrustworthy site. Do not download stuff from untrustworthy links after removing the antivirus.