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With the new iPhone devices out, Apple enthusiasts are focusing on the news regarding the MacBook Pro 2016. This is one product that will surely stir up some waves, even if nothing has been corroborated yet. The word around town is that this new MacBook Pro gizmo might just house Skylake processors and according to Tech RadarPreviously leaked Intel slides reveal that the Y series Skylake chip, which is the fanless architecture used on the MacBook, could deliver up to 17% faster CPU performance and 41% faster GPU performance.”

The back-fence talk is that Apple might opt for different types of Skylake Core M processors. ”Like the Core i processors on the MacBook Air and Pro series, Intel may rebrand its Core M processor to target different tiers, with a Core M3, M5 and M7,” as noted by the source.

Moreover, Inquisitr strongly believes the fact that Apple’s intentions on using these Intel chipsets means a whole new different story as far as features are concerned in the MacBook Pro 2016. The latter source reported that “The new chip will support 3D modeling, simulation, data analysis, and intensive gaming on the MacBook Pro and that it will see even greater battery life due to the power saving benefits of the new chipset” concluded the website.

GottaMobile claims that: “It’s very possible that the 2016 MacBook Pro could see a big redesign with an even thinner body than before, but it’ll be interesting to see where Apple draws the line between performance and size.”

We can only suppose that the MacBook Pro will target professionals, thus Apple must make it all-powerful. The same source forecasts the fact that the composition regarding the ports might be altered. “For instance, instead of having the power port, two Thunderbolt ports, two USB ports, HDMI, and SD card slot and a headphone jack, Apple could slim it down to a couple of USB-C ports, a headphone jack, and maybe keep a Thunderbolt port for the power users,” the news site predicts.

But as mentioned above, these are mere rumors and Apple hasn’t validated any of them so far!