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The smartphone industry is full of average mobile phones such as Samsung or Lumia. While tech enthusiasts are holding their breath for the new arrival of Windows 10 mobile handsets to emerge, a new Nokia device has been set into the wild. The one called Lumia 550 that will roll out in 2016 might not impress users with its powerful processor or neat appearance, however there is one feature that might just be worth the investment.

It’s safe to say that the Lumia 550 will belong to the entry-level smartphone category. One simple look at its overall specs and you will be able to tell. Here they are:

  • A quad-core Snapdragon 810. running at 1.2 GHz;
  • a 4.7-inch (some believe it will be a 5-inch);
  • 1280×720 HD resolution;
  • 8 GB of storage.

Moreover, this device will come out in 4 different hues as various leaked images suggest. These hues are: blue, black, white and red. In the images, only the front part of the mobile phone can be seen and a slight contour of the back cover. But, for some these leaked images were enough to presume that the Lumia 550 will look just like your average Lumia mobile phone and as far as design, there is nothing that will blow your mind.

But here is where things become interesting. There might be a surprise feature that will definitely make the Lumia 550 shine. We are talking about an iris scanner addition. This type of security feature is part of Windows Hello and it would be spine-tingling to see this type of hardware included in such an average device like Lumia 550. But until the big unveiling, which is scheduled for 2016, we can only speculate on whether or not the iris scanner will be part of the Lumia 550 package.