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The iPad Mini 4 has a display that surpassed the one used for former Mini versions. We are referring here to colors and the ambient light that is reflected as noted by DisplayMate, the firm that was in charged of testing all of this. The latter source claims that the Mini 4 “Covers a full and very accurate” 101 percent of the sRGB color spectrum whereas the former Mini models could barely cover 62% of the latter spectrum.

This new device’s color accuracy makes it as good as the iPad Air 2 gizmo and both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

The iPad Mini 4 also has a screen reflectance of 2% while the Mini 3 has 6.5% and the Air 2 2.5%. The latter device was the supreme winner in this area. As noted by DisplayMate the majority of tablets have a reflectance somewhere between 5-6.5%. However, the lower the reflectance percent, the better the device will control the color saturation and the contrast, especially out in the open air.  Ray Soneira, in charge of DisplayMate Technologies stated the following:

But in terms of real-world viewing conditions, the record low 2.0% screen Reflectance actually makes a bigger visual difference for the image colors and image contrast that you actually see because ambient light washes out and degrades the displayed images and reduces screen readability – so [the iPad mini 4’s] record low Reflectance actually makes a bigger difference!”

The Mini models have been harshly condemned for the fact that the devices have used inferior displays in the past. But, this is no longer the case with the iPad Mini 4. This mini model can easily compete against iPad Air 2 in more than one way. When the iPad Pro will be launched, we will know more fine points regarding the display of the iPad Mini 4.