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Apple rolled out iOS 9 during a recent event. The event was also used by the company to showcase the latest models of iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, as well as the new WatchOS 2 for the Apple Watch.

Just a few days into its release and pending this Friday’s international debut of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, we have lined up for you the best 5 iOS 9 features that you probably don’t know about, yet they have been included in the latest update.

Unknown number lookup

The new iOS 9 brings a new feature to the iPhone platform where you can easily know who is calling even if you don’t have the contact on your iPhone. The new iPhone 6S will look into your mail app and suggest who the unknown caller might just be. This same thing happens with outgoing calls.

Searching the settings menu

iOS has always given users a hard time when it comes to navigating through the settings. However, the new iOS 9 comes to the rescue as it eliminates the lengthy processes that were needed to tackle simple things like managing location services. In just one quick swipe from the top of the menu settings, you will be able to search for any settings buried deep in this menu rather than have to find it manually.

In-app search tool

Apple has installed a search tool in the new iOS 9 with a bunch of new features, and it’s accessible by swiping down from the home screen or the Siri screen. It is now possible to search from within third party apps and in this way, finding content will be much easier than before. Once all apps are updated to support the new iOS 9 search feature, it will be possible to initiate searches from anywhere, and the in-app search results will be displayed alongside the standard web search results.

Low power mode

Low power mode is not new to any Android user. While it has been possible to command your iPhone to turn off Wi-Fi and other things just so as to keep an eye on your battery life, iOS 9 adds an intelligent feature to ensure more battery life for your iPhone 6S. It will halt background processes like app refreshing, animations and others, but your phone will remain optimal in performance, for a longer period.

Activate the old all-cap keyboard

One of the greatest additions to the new iOS 9 is a mixed case keyboard, which is featuring on the iPhone for the first time. However, if you find this new keyboard style to be something out of your league, there is an option of going back to the old all-cap keyboard. To do this, just go to “Settings>General>Accessibility>Keyboard” and from here, you can change the keyboard settings. If you feel like changing the key popups, go to “Settings>General>Keyboard>Character Preview.