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Good news for internet trolls and bullies out there as Facebook will finally be rolling out a much-awaited dislike button.

On the other hand, Apple is also planning on releasing a middle finger emoji, a feature that is already available on WhatsApp for Android. Both updates are expected before the end of this year.

In the present world, the internet has become everything. Anyone, anywhere can post a thought and within an instant, he or she will be a massive hit. The weird thing about the internet is that it lets people share, repost or retweet thoughts that have been published by others and in the process, massive invisible audiences are reached.

In each of these posts, shares, tweets and retweets, there is a deeper meaning. Someone, somewhere has read it, and the outcome might be different. In most cases, people share what they feel is excellent stuff that can even lift others up especially when they feel down. There is no doubt that Facebook will make you feel like a champion on your birthdays. You will also get strength from virtual friends you’ve never met or even don’t know. However, there are some people who are still creating nightmares out of this good, among them, online haters, trolls and bullies.

Facebook dislike being used for expressing empathy

The introduction of a dislike button in Facebook is thought by many as a way of expressing dissatisfaction with someone’s statements or actions on the platform. However, it seems the Zuck has some other ideas with this feature.

According to reports, the dislike feature will be used to show empathy and support rather than be used for mean comments. Hopefully, this feature will be used in a good way, for instance, for showing support to someone who has lost a friend or relative by disliking the fact that this has happened. However, the results of typing “I’m sorry for your loss” might be way different from those of hitting the “dislike” button on Facebook with an aim of showing empathy.

What next for Facebook users?

Just as the saying goes, when life presents lemons to you, don’t go around trying to come up with tea. Instead, lemonade is the best choice. So, here is what to do:

Make positive posts

It’s time you started making someone’s day with a kind post. No more wicked statements, silly comments and even mockery. It’s time for a positive online discourse.

Think twice before sharing

It is very easy to share or retweet someone’s comments. However, you must start giving it a second thought as the sentiments might not be worth republishing. Ensure that the message you are republishing is consistent with your online status.