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Clash of Clans is one of the most played strategy games on mobile devices. If you’ve just started playing this awesome game, then you’re in luck, because today we’re going to reveal some tips and tricks.

Don’t rush to upgrade

There are a lot of players who just want to instantly upgrade everything. This is not a good idea and this is why we suggest you to leave the Town Hall update after you maximize your defensive, resources and troops buildings.

By upgrading the Town Hall too fast, you will get players that might be far ahead of you and that will stop you from raiding successfully and stealing resources.


Spells are very expensive and they should not be used too often. However, if you know that one spell will do the difference and you will gain at least the amount of resources you’ve invested in it, then you should use it. There are a lot of players who are abusing these spells and they end up wasting a lot of resources for one raid and don’t gain at least half of the resources they’ve invested in it (resources used on troops and spells).

Looking for inactive villages

There are a lot of players who are leaving the game for one reason or another. Usually, the “abandoned” villages are not well defended and full of resources. Once you see a village full with resources, spare a second and look if it is well defended or not. If it’s not defended, go for it and steal all the resources using a few troops.

Using Walls

Walls are one of the best defensive structures in the game. We agree that the first levels are not so good, but if you keep upgrading them, you will notice that they will make the difference. As long as the enemy troops don’t reach your canons, archer tower, mortar etc. there will be very low chances that they will steal all your resources.


If someone attacks your village, you will be able to use the “Revenge” button to attack them back. In addition, you will be able to inspect their village before you attack them. Once you see that the village has a lot of resources, you should go for it and get that sweet revenge!

Dropping Trophies

Sometimes, it is better to drop trophies so that you can get in a lower league. This way, you will get weaker defended villages, which you will be able to raid and steal resources from. So, if you notice that you keep losing raids, you should definitely lose a few trophies intentionally, so that you can get in a lower league and start farming more efficiently.

Saving your elixirs from getting stolen

There is a way to “save” elixirs while being attacked. The idea is to fill your Army Camps with troops and after that, start queuing expensive troops. This way, all the elixirs will be taken from you, but the troops will not train, because the army camps are full and they don’t have space.

After you come back online, just cancel the troop’s queues and you will receive all the elixirs back.

Have you just started playing Clash of Clans? Tell us your thoughts about this awesome game!