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Skype needs no introduction, as there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of this ubiquitous service, allowing its users to send messages and make free audio and video calls to any contact from all over the world.

The service allows free calls to contacts that also have Skype installed on their device. In addition, you can also make calls to any other number or landline all over the world at a nominal rate. The service is also available as a mobile app for iPhones and for Android phones.

Skype for Smartphones

The app is free to be downloaded from the App store on your iPhone or Android phones. The latest version comes with a fresh appearance and a quick performance. Group chatting has become much easier and the notification controls have been improved.

The application is available for download on many other platforms as well, such as Mac or Linux, Windows Phones, Blackberry phones and even on Xbox and on smart televisions.

Features Galore

Skype offers a long list of features. For instance, you can make free video and audio calls to others having the app on their phones. In addition, you can also make voice calls to landlines and mobile numbers that don’t have the application. Free calls include group calls, group messaging and group video calls, file exchanging features, an SMS out feature, sharing the screen and many others.

Skype for iPhone

In case you are downloading Skype for your iPhone, you have to fill out the form with your name, country and other details. Alternatively, you can also use a Facebook account or the (Microsoft) account. There is no need of providing details of your credit card, but if you are interested in making cheap calls to landlines or other numbers that don’t have the app installed, or in sending SMS messages, you can provide your card details.

Plans are offered for unlimited calling at low rates. You can also pay as you go based on the minutes of the call.

Smooth Interface

There is no home page for the application, but you have three major views for communicating. These are the People, the Recent and the Favorites. You can also check your profile using an icon on the top part of the interface. The Recent view will offer you details of the recent calls and interactions. Navigation is excellent and the transition is smooth and natural. The People view offers a list of your contacts and the Favorites has many big tiles helping you access important people. There are two buttons at the bottom, the dialing button and the button for chatting.

Bottom Line

Skype is an excellent VoIP service offered at a low cost, in case you are interested in the subscription version. There are unlimited plans that help you make cheap calls, as it is offered in minute bundles. In fact, there is no other service that offers all that Skype does. Many other voice and video calling apps, such as Facebook Messenger or Tango or Viber do have some of the features present on Skype, but Skype offers the most comprehensive package. In addition, the design is intuitive and highly usable.