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The launch of the Galaxy tab S is nothing but a barred attempt taken by Samsung to beat its rival Apple’s iPad.

With an attractive design, slim look and snappy processor, Apple has finally got something to worry about. The assumptions are at a high. If Samsung fails to sell and capture the market with its latest Galaxy Tab S or compete against the Apple iPad, then this South Korean company will stop competing with its rival.

These next generation tablets offered by Samsung will soon overtake desktop computers and iPads. Therefore, it is the right time for Samsung to claim a lion’s share in the tablet market.

Let’s check out the features of the Samsung Galaxy S with its strong rival Apple’s iPad:

Thin, light look of the tab

The Tab looks extremely thin and light like other Samsung tablets. It has a large screen, a plastic rim and back which shows Samsung has not completely changed its mold-breaking looks of tablets in its new generation Galaxy S tablet.

What has changed is its features and user experience. It comes with a plastic rim but its edge shows a metal- infused color which features a halfway house between plastic and metal. The smooth and cool look of this tablet is truly beyond anyone’s expectations and thereby offers a soft touch feeling to its users.

The back of this tablet is soft touch feel while providing a strong grip. The tablet looks thinner than Apple iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is 6.6 mm thick, whereas Apple’s iPad is 7.5 mm. The weight of the tablet S is even lighter than Apple’s iPad.

In the Samsung S tablet, there are two speakers on the top and therefore, hands won’t block the sound when it is in landscape direction. Therefore, these tablets are decent. However, its sound systems lack bass and you may not get clear sound at times. The clicking actions are a bit confusing if they are not being noticed and accept only snap in buttons.

Excellent screen quality

The Samsung S tablet is the finest quality tablet that features high-resolution pictures. This indicates that unlike the other tablets, it does not require a backlight and, therefore, it looks quite thin. The pixels in tablet change automatically on the basis of voltage and light. Therefore, it can be said the Tablet S by Samsung is the best ever we have seen in the other tablets or iPads. The picture looks more true and lively than on other screens. In fact, the screen light of the tab is bright enough to operate in direct sunlight. Whenever you will read or see any comics or magazines, the photos or the videos will look more vibrant and attractive.

Outstanding battery back up

Technically, this tablet has five Octa processors that give battery backup to this tablet. It has big processing cores for heavy duty and lighter cores for light jobs. Both of them aim at extending the battery life of the tablet. The processor of this app is strong enough to handle hundreds of apps within it, even the most graphically affluent games.

Modified Android version

This is the field where Samsung faces competition from its rival. The latest Samsung tab has the best Samsung software that has ever been used in other devices. The interface of this device looks colorful. However, its Magazine app located at the left corner of the screen cannot be removed.


The camera quality of this device is excellent. The back camera is 8 mega pixels and front camera is 2.1 mega pixels. The rear camera is satisfactory with auto focus and color reproduction system.

Therefore, the Samsung galaxy Tab S is one of the best creations by Samsung till date. With this innovation, Samsung has truly given a tough competition to its rival Apple’s iPad. So, finally it comes to you whether you would like to buy iOS or Android. However, with the Android operating system, you will get thousands of in-built features and choices.