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The original Moto G smartphone was the best alternative to many mid-range devices, because it cost less than 200 dollars and it had better specs than most of them. If you bought it 2 years ago, you’ve noticed a serious deterioration on performance and you were thinking about buying a new phone. Before taking this drastic decision, you should know that there are solutions which will speed up your Moto G and you will want to keep it for a little longer.

Clear the Cache

You will need to clear the cache for applications and the one for the system. This must be done regularly, because the data which is stored temporarily help the applications to launch faster, but the cache gets clogged up, affecting the performance of your device. So, head to Settings > Apps, where you will clear the cache for every application, while to clear the Cached Data of all applications, at once, go to Settings > Storage.

The system cache can be cleared only if you’ll reboot into Recovery Mode, so turn off the device, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons, then navigate with the Volume Down to “Recovery”, then press Volume Up. When the Android screen is loaded, press and hold the Volume Up button, then the Power button, and finally, release both buttons. The Recovery Mode menu will appear and you will use the volume buttons to select the “wipe cache partition”, while tapping the Power button will clear the system cache.

Disable Widgets

When there are too many widgets syncing and updating, pushing data up and down on the home screen, they will consume a lot of system resources. That’s why it’s indicated to disable those that you don’t use.

Free Up Storage Space

If you install too many applications, or if you forget to delete some old photos or videos, you’ll run out of space, they will put pressure on RAM and system resources. Free up some space and your phone will run faster.

Update Applications

All applications must be updated from time to time, as the developers are releasing new versions with stability fixes and other improvements. If you can connect to a WiFi network, then you’ll download these updates without consuming your mobile data.

Disable animations

They are very cool and lively, but they’re battery eaters. To disable them, first you will need to Developer Options (Settings>About Phone and tap Build Number 7 times), then scroll down to get to the Window Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale. Both of them must be set lower or turned off.