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The main purpose of this post is actually to show you how to customize Google Now cards in accordance to your personal needs.

But before we go on with this, it is very important that you get the real meaning of what Google Now really is.

Google Now is basically a personal digital assistant that helps users of Android and other Google-based devices to get notifications, updates on relevant topics, travel information and many others. This service will go to the extent of displaying the results or favorite topics based on the previous searches you carried out using the application. The good thing is that you can easily tailor everything to suit your needs.


The first thing you will have to do is to ensure that cards are enabled; otherwise, you won’t be able to tweak Google Now. To do this, swipe from the left side of the screen or simply tap the menu icon located at the top left and head to the settings. Follow it by tapping on “Now cards and then select “Show cards” then finish by switching the toggle to either on or off, depending on the current status.

You are now free to customize the Now cards. Just head back to the sidebar menu and tap on “Customize” to reveal more options for apps and websites, stocks, sports, albums, among many others. You will possibly notice a number against each option and when you click on any of them, you will get related options. These options will keep showing up on the main pages unless you take care of them; for instance, it may ask whether you want to keep receiving updates about Google Play albums. If you don’t respond with either “Yes” or “No”, the options will keep showing up on the page.

Setting reminders

Google Now can be used to remind you of something you need to do. This can be done manually from Reminders via the sidebar menu or simply by tapping on the microphone icon via the main screen, then follow it with your command. When deadlines get closer, these reminders will show up on the screen. It is also possible to view as well as edit these reminders directly from the “Reminders” page or from the main screen.

Flight information

With flight information, Google Now will help you know the name of the flight, the status, email address of the company owning the flight as well as the details of the terminal you should go to and the time. At the bottom of the card you will be able to tap on the “View email” option to see the details of the flight directly from an email client. In addition, there is a GPS navigation system with estimated time of arrival attached to it.

Shipping information

Through its integration with Gmail, it is possible to use Google Now to track shipment statuses. The digital assistant will scan your Gmail account and find any online orders. You will then be shown a card with details of all the shipping status of your package, where the package is coming from and the estimated time it will arrive. You can also track the package as well as view the email that contains the information of the package by scrolling further down the card.

Website updates

Google Now can be used to update you on matters pertaining to the many favorite sites you visit whenever it detects any new content. However, this feature is not very consistent and it is also unlikely that websites you visit will show up, but at the same time it is likely that they will show up. Basically, it is not technically possible to control the sites you want to receive updates from, similar to an RSS feed.

Google Now is now more usable than before, thanks to the fact that it can now be used to do more than just give you news content. However, it is true to say that this doesn’t completely replace the RSS as it uses different sources for the same topics, unless you direct it to do so.