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WhatsApp is no longer the old school instant messenger that only dwells on mobile phones.

Just like Viber, Skype and other messaging applications, WhatsApp has found its way to other platforms such as web browsers, desktops and tablets.

WhatsApp Web is the alternative client that is now used by more than 200 million people to access WhatsApp messages on devices other than their mobile phones. When this application was created, the owners insisted that it will only be available on mobile phones; however, ever since Facebook bought the app for a total fee of about $19 billion, things have never been the same.

WhatsApp Web is available for Android and iOS users

When Facebook introduced WhatsApp Web at the beginning of this year, the client had some compatibility issues with the iOS devices. According to the developers, there were “Apple platform limitations” that prevented the usage of the application via iPhones. Nonetheless, users of these devices found other means of accessing this application on desktops in what is known as jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking your iPhone is no longer a necessity as far as using WhatsApp Web on PCs is concerned. A few months ago, the iPhone was secretly added to the list of devices supported by this Web client. This means that the users of iPhones can now enjoy receiving and responding to WhatsApp chats directly from their PCs and thus eliminates the dependency on smartphones, when chatting via WhatsApp.

Enabling and disabling WhatsApp Web desktop notifications

Setting up WhatsApp Web on PCs is very easy. Once you have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp via the Play Store or iTunes App Store, point your web browser to the page at Remember that this application only supports select web browsers that include Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and just recently, Microsoft Edge browser.

A QR code will show up on the above web page. On your phone app, check out the menu settings and while in there, select “WhatsApp Web” in order to open a QR code scanner. Scan the QR code on the web page and you will immediately be logged into the web client. This client will open up a new set of possibilities, among them desktop notifications.

The Chrome notification system will let you enable or disable desktop notifications. These settings can be changed at any given moment by simply navigating to the “Notifications” section on the menu of the client.

Want something extra and better? Try WAToolkit free extension

Well, that’s just about the WhatsApp Web desktop notifications system can do. However, there is a lot of technology in the current world that lets us do extra things with almost everything around us. Using a free extension known as WAToolkit, you can get something extra out of your desktop notifications system.

Once the extension is installed, it will allow you to expand the speech bubbles within the web client as well as enable background notifications such that you are still able to get WhatsApp notifications even if the web client is actively running in the browser. In short, you won’t have to launch WhatsApp Web in order to get notified of incoming chats.

A new icon will show up on your browser’s toolbar on which you can click to display new messages. In the UI of WhatsApp Web you will come across a new icon as well, but unlike the other icon, this one is used to change the extension options. If you have been looking for a way to completely stay away from your phone, but still receive the notifications of all WhatsApp chats, WAToolkit free extension could just be what you have been missing on your Android smartphone.