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The main perk of having iOS and Android mobile gizmos is that they have VoIP.  In today’s showdown, we will have a look at Skype’s features compared to those of Viber’s.

Installation process

Setting-up up Skype or Viber is a very simple and precise procedure. But you should know that Skype works as long as you have a username and password whereas Viber needs you mobile number plus a username. Viber can now be used as the desktop version and so can Skype.


Both apps are free of charge, the only difference being that Skype charges you when you make calls to landline numbers and mobile numbers.

The quality of the calls

Because Skype app recurs to codes and HD voice, the quality of the calls are amazing for video and voice alike. Viber on the other hand might be a bit sluggish, but it’s getting there.

Data usage

VoIP is the kind of feature that will help you save money and not overspend it. However, mobile VoIP does come at higher costs than the desktop version. This is due to the 3G and 4D data plans. Also with Viber, when you call someone, the app uses up 250 KB/minute while Skype takes a lot more.


Viber doesn’t have such a long list of features as Skype does. But it’s only normal since Skype has been around for quite some time now, while Viber is pretty much a rookie. If you use Skype, you can have a lot more participants engaged in a call and there are plenty of call recording features you can use. Plus you have a bunch of others settings you can mess a round with. With Skype, users can also benefit from web camera installments, microphones and other add-ons like these.