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Apple has launched the iPhone 6 after its year-long continuous efforts.

This iPhone has made many attractive and noticeable changes both in its looks and features. Here, in this article, we are going to make a review of the features of the iPhone 6 to give you a better idea about this newly launched Smartphone.

Let’s have a look at the features:

Display: Apple’s iPhone 6 comes with an HD retina display, which offers unmatchable color contrast and clarity that prove absolutely perfect while playing games or watching videos. Apple claims that its iPhone 6 offers better contrast along with rich color that anyone might have ever seen before and this certainly indicates that Apple puts its business at stake when it come to technology.

Design and build quality: It is known to everyone that the build-in-quality of Apple’s iPhone is unimpeachable. The latest launch iPhone 6 comes with a slide curve to create a fluid and monetized aluminum chassis that gives a unique look to this Smartphone. The new look of this device is quite similar to the Xperia Z3. Moreover, the slim and thin look of this device makes it a pocket able Smartphone that the much larger phone.

Fast processor: Apple has announced that the iPhone 6 has used the A 8 chip with 64 bit architecture that brings 25 percent more processing speed and power into the device. During the launch, Phil Schiller, the senior vice-President of marketing said that this new A8 processor will enable both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus to run on full power without generating much heat. Besides this, the new processor makes the device run faster which is suitable for gaming and other heavy loaded apps. The Apple’s A8 processor allows the users to complete intensive tasks such as playing heavy loaded games even while opening other apps or tabs.

Improved battery life: The battery life of the Apple iPhone 6 will sustain for 11 hours without any complaint, even if the phone runs on Wi-Fi. This is the biggest improvement Apple has made in it, in comparison to the other smartphones. In fact, this 11 hours of battery backup is modest in comparison to iPhone 5 S. However, lack of substantial improvement in the iPhone 6’s battery life may create a disappointment among its users, who have complained about it long before. Considering the complaints of the users, the company has given emphasis on solving the issue and they have come up with an improved battery backup in iPhone 6. With this device, you can go for 50 hours of non-stop service.

High quality camera: The iPhone 6 has an 8MP camera featuring 2.2 apertures, 1.5 micron pixel and a sight sensor. The camera focuses two times faster than the iPhone 5. Thanks to its autofocus feature and focus pixel in the sensor, it offers better image quality to the users. The camera also evolves tone mapping and noise reduction that give more clarity to the image. The camera also includes optical image stabilization, which has been integrated with the gyroscope to offer better quality images.

Some additional features have also been added to this device such as face detection and smile detection along with the burst mode that automatically captures the image and allows you to choose the best shot. Users can easily control the exposure with just only a slide in the preview pane. Moreover, with the photo app, the users can edit the photos instantly after taking them and share them in social media from the lock screen.

These are the features you will get in the iPhone 6 which looks more improved and attractive. However, it is difficult to predict whether this means bigger equals to better or not.