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The iPad Pro is Apple’s largest tablet and it was announced on September 13, but it will be launched in November. At a glance, it has a slim body and a four-speaker audio system, it looks very sleek, but it’s something normal, because all Apple products look awesome. The Surface Pro 4 will probably have the same design as its predecessor, using a magnesium alloy, but for now, we don’t have too much information about its specs, only that it will be released on October 6, after Microsoft slipped a Source Code in the Event Page.

According to some predictions, we came up with a list of possible improvements that will be made to the Surface Pro 4.

Faster SSD

The Pro 3 had a fast SSD, but in some situations, it didn’t perform accordingly. We heard that Microsoft intends to increase the transfer rate from 600 MB/s to 2 GB/s, making it almost four times faster to access files. As for the iPad Pro, it reaches speeds of up to 866 MB/s.

Two Screen Sizes

The iPad Pro sports a LED-backlit IPS LCD (Retina) display sized at 12.9-inch and it supports 2048 x 2732 pixels at 265 ppi. Apple said that it’s the “best display they’ve ever made” and we won’t contradict them.

The Surface Pro 4 is rumored to come in two variants of screens with sizes of 12-inch and 14-inch, but their resolution will be retained at 2160 x 1440 pixels.

More Memory

The Surface Pro 4 might come with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. The iPad Pro has two variants of internal memories – 32GB and 128GB, but they are unexpandable, but the big surprise is the 4GB of RAM – highest capacity ever supported by an Apple mobile device.

A Dedicated GPU

The iPad Pro has a new GPU which is 90 percent faster than the previous model and it’s paired with the new A9X chip, whose processor is 1.8 times more powerful than that of the iPad Air 2.

It isn’t sure, but Microsoft might come with a dedicated GPU, which would deliver a better gaming performance, now that Xbox has been integrated into Windows 10. The problem is that dedicated GPUs can be costly.

A Skylake Processor

The latest generation of Intel processors, Skylake, has been recently launched and according to some benchmarks, the new CPU is 15 percent faster than the previous standard. If Microsoft will use a Skylake processor to power up the Surface Pro 4, the tablet will support 4G LTE. The iPad Pro already came with support for 4G LTE across 20 bands.