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When we talk about tablets, Apple is the king and it remains so until Samsung launched its galaxy Tab S.

Here, we are going to show you some reasons which will prove that the Samsung Galaxy tab S is better than the Apple iPad Air 2. So far, both the devices have got mixed reviews from customers’ end. The latest launch Samsung Tab S comes with two flavors — one is 9.7 inch and another is 8 inch, which have given tough competition to the Apple iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. According to the reports of Tech world, the Samsung tab S has surpassed not only these two types of iPads but also the rest of the devices as well.

Here, you will come to know some of the reasons why the Android flagship is considered better than iOS.

Super light and gorgeous finish

Samsung shows its flagship Android devices like that of Apple’s iPhones and iPads, but, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S tab, the company has gone the extra mile to show its features and sleek look. No doubt, the Apple iPads of 2014 look pretty, but this Tab S 2 has surpassed all devices in respect of look and feel.

The Apple iPad Air 2 has 0.24-inch slim look while Samsung managed to cut off that bigger look with only 0.22 inch while keeping its weight minimal, i.e. 0.86lbs. On the other hand, the bigger Apple iPad weighs 0.97lbs.

This is the biggest feature of this Samsung Galaxy Tab S posing a great threat to Apple’s iPads and other related devices.

Outstanding display

For many years, the Apple’s iPad ruled the market for its outstanding quality and retina display technology. However, this rule has been ended by Samsung Galaxy S tab that features 20148 x 1530 clear display and therefore, this South Korean company has owned the title of best industry in the market, offering an unmatched quality display to the customers.

No matter whether you are reading, surfing the internet or playing games, this tab S2 offers supreme quality screen display to viewers.

The power spectacles

In respect of many features, the Samsung Galaxy tab S has given a tough competition to its rivalry Apple and the same applies in this feature as well. This new tab of Samsung powered its device with 8 core monster chip with 3 GB RAM.

As a result, we get an outstanding machine which is able to operate anything thrown on the device.

Multi-tasking device

This is one of the best features of Samsung that gives a tough competition to Apple iPad. This Galaxy tab S is ready to handle multi-tasks smoothly that allows the users to work on two app windows while watching videos on media. The iPad Air will soon upgrade its OS to iOS 9.

Screen display

If you would like to buy a tablet with maximum screen size, Samsung galaxy tab S shows 10 percent more screen display than those of iPads. If you observe the feature of two devices closely, you will come to know the Apple iPad features 4:3 which is great in landscape and portrait photography, while the Samsung tablet S has 16: 10 which is better for landscape only.

Finger print sensor

Both the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S have fingerprint sensor buttons, however, iPad’s screen touch is easy to use. You just simply tap your finger on the sensor format of the screen, while you have to swipe your finger for operating on the Samsung tablets.

These are the reasons for which the Samsung Galaxy Tab S Android flagship is better than iOS on Apple’s devices.