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In less than 14 days, users can get their hands on Apple’s brand new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus devices. And as expected, tech enthusiasts are already imagining what Apple has in stored next. Voices claim that this might just be the iPhone 7. A new video, courtesy of SCAVidsHD surfaced online.

In this concept video, users will get to have a look-see at some of Apple’s future innovations regarding the iPhone 7. For example, the home knob disappears and it is replaced with an amazing Android type of knob that is located at the bottom part of the device.

This handset is still made out of metal and it would be Apple’s thinnest version. Thus, according to hearsays it might measure 6.5 mm, a lot slimmer than the current iPhone 6S one.  And the biggest surprise yet is that the Lighting port has been successfully displaced with a USB- C port. The back end camera has also been added in the center and users might just enjoy the 2K display element as well as wireless charging and an 8 MP camera shooter added in the front.

Speakers might also be added in the front, right in the top center of the device.  A lot can happen, however the Android user interface is still a dream that won’t come true. Although some already picture how the iPhone 7 looks, others make assumptions regarding the release date, which might be in 2016.

PC Advisor believes that Apple won’t step out of its typical pattern fall launch. According to some others rumors, the iPhone 7 might just rock the A10 chipset. asserts that Apple has already started to place orders for the parts that are needed to build the Phone 7 gizmo. According to hearsays, the iPhone 7 might rock all of the specs that are included in the 6S device, however the 4K element might be left out of the equation.