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There are a lot of users who claim that iOS 9 works like a charm, but that doesn’t mean that there are not users who have issues with this new operating system. So, if you’ve updated your iPad or iPhone to iOS 9 and you have some problems with it, you’ve come to the right place, because we’re going to give you some solutions to fix all the lag and slow performance issues.


We agree that Siri has become more intelligent and capable than before, but this means that the feature is also using more resources. We suggest you to disable “Siri Suggestion”, because this feature might eat too many resources and the battery of your mobile device can be wasted within a few couple of hours. To disable Siri Suggestions, go to Settings->General->Spotlight Search and turn off this option.

Reducing Transparency

By reducing transparency on iOS 9, you will improve the performance of your mobile device. This feature will also improve the contrast on some backgrounds in order to increase legibility. To reduce the transparency of the backgrounds, go to Settings->General->Accessibility->Increase Contrast.

Background App Refresh

The Background App Refresh feature was also found in the previous iOS versions. This feature allows applications to fresh their own content in the background. However, this feature can use a lot of performance and battery and this means that you might want to disable it. To do this, go to the Settings->General->Background App Refresh and disable it.

Reducing Motion

Every new iOS comes with new settings and options that you can’t notice at the start. For example, the Reduce Motion integration that iOS 9 comes with is set to OFF by default. With other words, you will have a dynamic and animated user interface with awesome effects on icons. However, these effects will most likely slow down your mobile device, but this is when Reduce Motion kicks in and once you enable it from Settings->General->Accessibility->Reduce Motion, you will notice that the device will react faster than before. However, you will see that most of the effects will not exist anymore, but we think that’s better to have a faster device rather than some awesome effects that slow it down.