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Overflowing Inboxes

Google’s Inbox App for smartphones offers several features for time saving. If you are a person who receives a lot of mails daily and they seem to keep piling up, it makes sense to move over to Inbox app by Gmail. It is the perfect answer to overflowing mailboxes. The app is available for downloading on both the iOS and Android devices and also on a desktop browser.

What it Does

The original Gmail app is usually overcrowded with updates, promotional mail, newsletters and some important personal mail as well. The new Inbox app helps sort the email, files away unimportant ones and brings the really important ones to the fore. It brings in many features that can save you time, such as snoozing of a message.

Sorting the Mail

One of the best features of Inbox app is that it can automatically scan and sort the incoming email. Important ones go to the inbox, whereas others get bundled in different categories. There are the Purchases category where the receipts go in, the Finance category for bank statements and so on, the Social category for alerts from social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter and the Updates category. In addition, the Promos store flyers from a retail outlet that you have shopped with. This is different from spam mail. Finally, there is the Low Priority, containing the low priority mail, which again is different from spam.

Trickling the Flood

Those who receive a lot of mail in a day can set the app so that it notifies them only when an important message is received, whereas the other messages can be bundled. This slows down the flood of messages in your inbox. In addition, you can also set up the Promos to appear once a week or once in 24 hours. Another hit feature is the Done, helping you archive the messages and delete an entire bundle with one swipe.

Snoozing a Message

If you want to deal with a particular message later on, you can also snooze it. It disappears into the relevant folder and comes back at the appointed time. Just tap on the snooze button and select the time, such as tomorrow, next week and so on.

Pin a Message

If you want to maintain a neat look, you can use the Pin feature to organize the mail. By tapping on the button on the message, it remains pinned to the inbox. You can also make notes for reminders by tapping on the Remember to, which is a field found below the subject lines of the message and then type out whatever you want to be reminded of. There are different options, such as calling a contact, or sending an email, meeting a person, checking in for a flight, making reservations, returning a purchase and so on. Inbox even offers suggestions for reminders after going through the content in the message.

Bottom Line

Google seems to have come up with an ambitious solution for those who have chronically overflowing inboxes. However, it may not be suitable for all users, as Inbox app does not support accounts other than Gmail ones.