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As of March 2015, Facebook Messenger boasts of more than 600,000,000 users. It offers an array of interesting features.

Evolution of Messenger

Messenger was first removed from the main application of Facebook and was offered as a standalone app. Now, you don’t even need Facebook accounts in order to use Messenger. Messenger is the best place to find your Facebook friends and chat with them or call them. Messenger has now been fully elevated from just being an app to offering a full fledged and complete platform. It also comes with a payment feature and offers a video-calling feature as well. In short, it offers a host of features and has become the default chat application on most phones, by sheer dint of the number of features it has to offer.

A Separate Social Network

It seems to be a good move to remove its ties to Facebook, as this can become a liability. Today, there are several users who have a smartphone, but do not have a Facebook account. More and more users are interested in texting and messaging, rather than updating their status or posting pictures. This, Facebook Messenger is now a separate social network and a distinct one that can be accessed by all, not only by those have Facebook accounts. Current users finally have the chance to communicate with friends who have not joined Facebook or who have left it. All you will need is a number and you can connect your smartphone contact list with the app, instead of using your FB list of friends.

Benefits of an Account

However, there are some advantages in linking a Facebook account with Messenger. People with a Facebook account find it very easy to locate their FB contacts and send messages to them. They can also send messages over several devices, use mobile phones, tablets and even the web. They have easy access to the contact list on their FB page.

Instant Photos

One of the top features of the app is taking pictures or a video using the built in camera of the app. The app has a small, expandable viewfinder on it and it can be used as a front camera or as a rear camera. All you need to do is to tap on the send button for taking a picture. You can hold on to the button in order to take a video. The feature also works in the chat heads, so you can take pictures without ever leaving the application.

Sharing Pictures from the Internet

Normally, it is quite cumbersome to share pictures or images from the Internet and share it through a link on your mobile phone. However, Facebook Messenger makes things easy, as you can access the Image Search option from a menu and merely enter your search term. You will find various results and just have to tap on the one you want to send it immediately.

Sharing your Location

Though this may not be a very useful feature, many users like to tell their friends where they are. You can enable the location feature for a specific message and the location gets tagged. The recipient has to touch the View Map button in the menu to view the location.