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The launch of the Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus marks the arrival of the successor from the year 2014.

Apple delivers its biggest iOS or iPhone upgrade in every two years and it creates an evolution in the technological world. The iPhone 6s is an intervening device and does not show a huge leap in respect of highly advanced or technical features from its last generation iPhones.

However, if we consider the features of this latest iPhone 6 S, we get three attractive features of it which set it apart from previous generation iPhones. These features are — 12 megapixels front camera, a highly upgraded display and a fast processor. These three features you will get unique and distinct in this iPhone. However, it also assumed to be thinner than other iPhones.

iPhone 6S has also been upgraded and launched in the form of iPhone 6S Plus. This is a 5.5 inch display screen with the same camera feature, i.e. 12 mega pixels and a super fast processor. Both the devices, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus are likely to operate on the iOS 9 operating system.

There is one more feature which is also going to be added to both the versions of iPhone, is force touch — about which people are really getting excited. Like Macbook, Apple watch or huwai Mate S, this force touch feature will also be added to the iPhones, giving the users a whole new bunch of features. The whole range of iPhones can not only recognize a press or tap, but also estimate even the pressure level. This is a new attribute and takes the user interface to a whole new level, where the users can access lots of functionalities and not just only zoom the picture.

The first application of this technology is truly impressive, but Apple’s firm step in this sphere may provoke the Android app developers to start experimenting in these respective fields.

iPad pro and iPad mini 4

Like the iPhones, the Apple iPads pro and mini 4 are also launched with the iPhones. The iPad pro has a 12.9 inch screen display and is capable enough to run two or more full size iPad apps in it. However, its price is going to be a bit expensive. Similarly, the iPad mini 4 comes with an A 9 processor, like that of Smartphones and the screen display is 7.9 inch. It is lighter and thinner than its previous generation iPads. The operating system in it is iOS 9.

Launch of Apple TV

The launch of Apple’s set top box surely requires a service. Both Android and Apple have been in the race to have control over the living room; however, it has not been adopted yet. This new Apple TV is supposed to run on the iOS 9 system which is called tv iOS and it is integrated with Siri. This TV comes up with many new attractive gaming features.

It has also been believed that Apple is soon going to give an upgrade to its Apple set top box as it is now fighting against Google Now and want to own the title of the best digital assistant.

For every Android, there is an iOS, which is equivalent to it. In the latest launch of Apple’s iPhone and iPads, iOS 9 has been deployed that feature highly improved maps, GPRS connection and low power mode.

These are the latest launch by Apple brand and to win a race against it, Android needs a huge improvement. However, a noticeable improvement has been observed in the Samsung Galaxy tablet S Android that surpasses iPads and other brands. Therefore, it can be said firmly that Apple’s creations are going to pose a threat to Android.