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Android Pay is no longer a dream but a reality.

The app has finally made its way to the Google Play Store and the users of the Android 4.4 KitKat and above can start enjoying the services of this application.

However, Google reveals that the devices that will be compatible with the new Android Pay must also be fit with NFC technology. Unfortunately, the new Google payment platform for mobile device is only available to the U.S. users as of now, but the technology is expected to spread to the other parts of the world in no time thanks to the fact that the Android devices are scattered all over the planet.

Android Pay to take the place of Google Wallet

Android Pay is not Google’s first attempt into the mobile payment niche. It has been there before with Google Wallet and now that the new service is here, it seems it’s the time to say goodbye to the old Google Wallet app. The Wallet app was not only used to make mobile payments and purchases, it was also used to store loyalty as well as gift cards.

Android Pay was launched over a week ago, but it is only a few days ago that the app showed up in the Google Play Store. Despite its short period of existence in the Play Store, already some huge names are on board, among them AT&T, McDonald’s, Macy’s and Aeropastle. According to the official page of the app, there is no need to launch the app in order to use the service. Furthermore, the users will not be denied any checkout reward that would have come by as a result of using a credit card for the payment services.

Android Pay can also be used from within apps

The launch of Android Pay obviously meant that the Google Wallet is no more. The latter app was very useful when making in-app purchases. However, it was less effective when it came to making mobile payments and transferring money.

The Android Pay service has just come in to take care of this issue as well as still cater for the previous services of the Wallet app. In addition to making mobile payments, Android Pay will also be very useful when making in-app purchases. This means that buying anything will just take one or two clicks and that’s it. To make things even sweeter for you, the service will not necessitate the launching of the Android Pay app whenever you want to shop. However, this might mean anyone can use the phone to make purchases as long as they can access it.

Is Android Pay better than Apple Pay?

Android Pay comes into a niche that has already been taken over by Apple Pay, a mobile payment service offered by Cupertino. Apple Pay has now been around for over a year and millions of users already make use of the service. Now that Google has rolled out a similar payment system for the users of the Android devices, it remains to be seen whether the new app will surpass the old offering.

According to Tech Radar, there are some features on the Android Pay app that actually make it better than the Apple Pay service. Among them is the ability to work on all Android phones installed with at least the Android 4.4 KitKat as well as support for making purchases using accrued reward points. On the contrary, Apple Pay is only available on a few devices, among them the iPhone 6 and 6S as well as the iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus models.

What gives Google the advantage of running on multiple devices is the fact that the company’s Android OS is open source and as such, it is not tied to any specific manufacturer. However, both services are supported by some huge names in the industry, among them Visa and Mastercard.

This is just the beginning of Android Pay services and since we’ve seen other players such as Samsung Pay and Facebook Payments come into play in the recent past, it will be interesting to see how the new Google-based mobile payment system will work.