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Every month, Android launches new hot games on Google Play Store.

Here, in this article, we are going to mention the most popular new Android games that one cannot miss playing in 2015. Read this article and be the first to tell your friends about these games. Let’s take a look at them.

Android runner games

Speedy Ninja:

The name speedy Ninja says everything about the game. You will play as a nimble Ninja running speedily on the screen and battling with opponents, fireballs and many more. The main feature that makes this game a speedy runner is its action both above and below and the burning fuss you come across while running and therefore, you must pay close attention to see what is happening in both the directions — above and below. The more smoothly you run, the more coins you can collect. When you will earn enough coins you can buy weapons of your choice and characters. The game features attractive flashy graphics and tight control.

Spider man

In this game, spider man has been combined with an endless runner that ultimately presents a match made in heaven. We all know spider man swings the streets of New York, climbs sky scrapers and fights battles against Doc Ock. The overall look of the game resembles from the comics with outstanding flashy graphics that work perfectly with 3D design. This game is so attractive that even the non-spider fans will enjoy this game.

Android action games


Implosion is a highly advanced and polished Android game in terms of the graphics and play. It is basically a third person action game where you will face many barriers as well as slicing and dicing in the form of God war with devil. Your character in the game will be a soldier covered with armor, a sword and a gun. You will fight against the mutants in the game. This game is completely under the control of the user and cam make combos with rhythmic strikes.

The graphics of this game also look good and eye-catchy. You are allowed to play first three to four missions at free of cost. After that, you will be asked to pay $9.99 to continue playing other missions.


Sniper game is a new one in the Google play store. It has been fixed largely in a position behind a rifle scope. You, in the game will act as an agent 47 and need to fulfill high profile targets for earning coins. However, it is easy to identify and mark the target, killing the guards around it in a tactical way is the ultimate aim of this game.

For playing 150 snipers missions, you will be asked to pay $2.99. You will get some more accessory apps with this game which you can download in your device to spice up your game in a better way.

Android racing games

Reckless racing

This is a micro machine style game that offers an isometric view to the users in which a user can look down from the top.  This racing game holds four screen controls through which you can turn the game right and left. Moreover, controlling the car is also very easy. By playing this game, you will get a control setup experience you have ever imagined. The maps look realistic and the graphics give a lively look to this game.

Angry bird Go

Angry bird is a free Android game to play. In 2015, the makers of this game have given us the original angry bird game to us. This basically looks like a cartoon with flashy graphics. This game features a number of different modes such as racing with others, avoiding obstacles, boss chases etc.

These are the newest Android games that one cannot miss playing in 2015.