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Apple had one year to perfect its iOS 9, and in the past months, we have been teased with snatches of information about what to expect from the upcoming operating system. iOS 9 has been announced in June, at the developer conference, then, the company released the first developer preview beta and the official release date came on September 16. So, what did the iOS 9 bring in addition?

Split Screen

The Slide Over feature will increase the multitasking capabilities of your iDevice, allowing you to do more things simultaneously. To access slide-over, when you’re running an application, you will slide your finger from the right side of the screen, then a panel will slide out and you’ll see a column of app icon. If you’ve already opened an application, you will slide your finger down from the top of the slide-over panel to reach the list of apps.

Improved Searching Capabilities

Apple improved the search function to obtain better results. This feature can be accessed by swiping left from the main home screen and they will get a lust of the most searched applications, contacts and other information stored on their devices.

Zoom On Video Clips

Until now, the users were able to zoom only on photos.

Hide Photos

There are curious friends who like to explore your private data, to look at your embarrassing photos and to make fun of you. To hide the photos that you don’t want to be visible, go to the Share menu and select the Hide option.

Ad Block

When you were browsing on Safari, you were seeing all kinds of annoying ads. Apple introduced an option which blocks these ads, but to enable it, you will need to go to Safari section of Settings and select the Content Blockers option.

Notes App Has Been Revamped

This application has been changed a little bit, so you can now add drawings, web links, photos or checklists, and they will be synced with iCloud.

Email Events

iOS 9 will select an event from your emails and automatically add it to the Calendar, then remind you about it, to not miss it out.

More News Content

To be up to date with everything that’s happening in the world, iOS 9 will offer you a new section which will give you the most important news and the reading will be very enjoyable.