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No one can argue against the fact that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world right now.

A recent report revealed that Facebook Messenger is the most popular instant messenger on iOS. However, it is also true to say that WhatsApp has over 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone, a figure that can only be matched by Facebook app. The report also revealed that Facebook mobile app is the most downloaded on iOS.

Despite the dominance being enjoyed by Facebook as far as social networking is concerned, there are companies who are still coming in with new platforms for messaging and calling as well. One such company is Samsung and it seems the South Korean tech giant is ready to leverage its popularity in the handset world by coming in with a messaging application too.

Samsung Socializer Messenger is available via the Google Play Store

Samsung has officially rolled out a messaging application for Android users known as Socializer Messenger. This South Korean behemoth now joins the likes of Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft in offering the users with internet communication services.

This new should sound a stern warning to WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and other apps thanks to the fact that Samsung is well known for its vast expertise in producing other gadgets such as TVs, washing machines, headphones, intelligent ovens and smartphones.

What’s unique about Samsung Socializer Messenger?

Well, as noted earlier, there are dozens of messaging apps in the Google Play Store right now. These apps are available for free and they offer almost the same services. So, why should Samsung add another messaging app to the many that are already available for free download?

There is something very unique that Socializer Messenger brings to the messaging platform. This application is based on an open source project known as Telegram for Android. This application lets the users use and share web applications when in a chat room without the need of actually downloading them on to their phones.

Socializer Messenger is free to download

This new Samsung messaging application is the best if you are looking to have a clutter-free phone. This is true because the app utilizes SWAP (Social Web App Platform) which lets the users create, distribute as well as share various apps through the messenger.

However, the app’s functionality is no different from the rest of its competitors. For you to enjoy the services of Socializer Messenger, you need to convince more friends to join the platform. This is the minimum requirement of sharing apps and games via the app’s interface.

The Socializer app is already available via the official Google Play Store for those using Android devices. Even though there is no news on when the app will be available in the iOS App Store, at least we know that it is not limited to users of Samsung devices.

Samsung still has a long way to go if it’s looking to topple WhatsApp and Viber and become the best service provider of instant messaging services. However, the tweaked functionality where the app allows the using of apps without the need of actually downloading them might be just the game changer for the new Socializer Messenger from Samsung.