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Since its first release in 2007, Gmail has always been considered as the best email program.

It is a free program and offers a free account, being constantly upgraded and competitive. Gmail is also available as an app to be downloaded on smartphones and other devices. It offers a lot of interesting features, such as filtering of spam and a cloud storage that is offered for free. It offers good security options for protecting your account and also allows you to chat, have video conversations and so on.


Most of us have to delete nine spam mails for every one genuine mail. Gmail has an answer to this problem by separating the inbox into several categories, namely, Primary, Social and Promotions along with two others, namely Forums and the Updates categories.

Categories and Functions

Primary is for the mails from your priority contacts, whereas the Social category is meant for notifications from social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. On the other hand, the Promotions category is reserved for receiving marketing promotional mails and advertisements. This is not a spam category, as it is meant to receive emails from a site or from a retailer that you sign up for, such as Amazon and so on. Updates and Forums are additional tabs that you can add. Updates are for billing or receipt notifications, whereas Forums allows the user to be in the loop for discussions and threads.

Unique Services

The service offers a video chatting function that is integrated in the page, known as Hangouts. You can chat with a single person or with nine others, send and receive videos and make use of the fun features, such as wearing a pirate hat or a crown and so on. You can chat with any of your contacts, provided they also have it set up and have a webcam. Gmail also offers social features through Google+, where you can share photographs and videos. You don’t have to download anything additionally, as everything is inbuilt in Gmail. You can make calls or send a message directly from Gmail. You can use the application on the Android as well as iOS devices. A notification will also let you know when you get a mail.


The service allows users to access 215 GB for their inbox. However, in addition, you can also access cloud storage by using the Google Drive option. By uploading a document to the Drive, you can access it along with other members of a group or team.

Conversational Interface

The best feature is that when you have several emails back and forth, all the messages and the replies are filtered and they are put into a single line, mentioning the number of messages present within it. If your contact has uploaded a picture, that is also shown as a headshot, so that you can identify it immediately. In addition, you can use customized filters for sorting messages, based on sender names, recipients, the subject of the mail, words contained in the message and so on. You can also place messages in folders, provide them with labels or star them, forward them or just delete them.

Gmail is an established leader in the free emailing service and offers a secure and easy to use service.