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Finally, Apple seems to be getting serious about its TV.

San Francisco is where the next Apple TV was unveiled on the 6th of September, 2015. However, there has been leaked information which has proven to be true. Yes, the new Apple TV is costlier than its predecessor and this is not surprising, considering the new specs and support for Siri that have been beefed-up, not forgetting app development.

For the lovers of the Apple brand, so much is at stake with this Apple TV. The next Apple TV set-top box has been tipped to be ready for prime time in the month of October, 2015. Also, the cost or price for these TVs will range from $149 to $199, all based on the different rumors that are circulating in the industry. The current price of the version released on September 9th, 2015 is $99 which seems to be a fair deal for all users.

Users Should Expect Amazing Upgrades

With the higher cost of these devices, they should definitely come up with the best upgraded devices and services. The new Apple TV will definitely come with some enhanced features. Good news for the lovers of Apple devices is that, the TV will feature an A8 processor, 1GM RAM and flash storage support of more than 32 GB. All of these and more make it clear why the cost will shoot so high.

It will also come designed with support for Siri, a brand new and intuitive user interface to make usage very simple and easy for all users. A brand new and advanced touch screen remote control to make channeling very easy and flexible is also included. Not to forget, it will also come with huge support for Apple Store which is something that has been missing for most versions. So, users should just expect the very best from the newer versions.

Apple TV Platform is App-Enabled

Due to the lack of support for previous versions of Apple TV, users always had problems using them. However, the recent set-top box is quite different from others in the market and even the previous Apple TV versions. This is because it has been designed to stream video and music content from iTunes, which is simply amazing.

Bottom Line

If you haven’t got the latest version of the Apple TV set-top box, then start saving up some cash to do so for your own good.

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