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The app is a great means of messaging and making free audio and video calls to friends and contacts from all over the world.

Easy Set Up

When launching the application, you have to provide your number and allow the app to access the phone contact list. You will get a verification code along with a text message. You have to enter this code, and your account is synced to the device. If you go through the contact list, you can view the ones who have the app and the ones who don’t have it.

Messaging Features

You can send messages or even a short audio clipping. Also, you can send a video or a photo from your phone, specify your location and send emoticons. In addition to one to one messaging, the app also enables group participation for messages, with a maximum of 100 people. When you wish to send an audio clipping, you must touch the microphone and then hold the button at the center, and it works effectively.

Doodle and Stickers – Fun Features

This feature allows users to use a brush, a size, and a color and draw something on the screen to send doodles to contacts. Though it is not a very functional feature, it is a fun feature that can add cheer to your conversations. You can also use the large stickers for a more graphic representation of your emotions. The selection is good, and you can buy stickers of a particular theme at $1.99 using the in-app purchasing feature.

Making Free Audio Calls

Viber is unique as it is not only a messaging app but also allows users to make free voice and video calls. You can make the calls using Wi-Fi and the quality of calls is very good over 3G and of course over 4G. It will make use of your phone number, and you can make free calls to anyone who has the app.

Paid Calls

Moreover, you can also make a call to landlines or to contacts that don’t have Viber on their phones using the Viber Out feature. However, this is a paid feature. The money can be added to the Viber Out using the tiered purchase plan. The app also provides information regarding the cost for different countries, so that you can make an informed choice on spending.

Video Calling

You can make free video calls to any other contact that has the app on his or her smartphone. Wi-Fi is the ideal way to make these calls.

Public Chatting

Users can listen to public chatting on various themes, namely, the Song of that Day, Disney Themes, and others, so you can pick your favorite topics and follow these chats. There are also some celebrities along with Disney and other such companies so that you can follow them. However, you are only allowed to follow or watch these conversations, and will not able to participate in them. However, there is a plan to add a feature that will allow you to participate as well.

If you are keen to avoid charges for long distance calls, it is a good idea to install Viber on your smartphone. However, the only problem is that the contact must also have the application on his/her phone.

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